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Pleaseth your Highnes, I: here they are, Madam:Pleaseth your highness, ay: here they are, madam:Cym
But I beseech your Grace, without offenceBut I beseech your grace, without offence – Cym
(My Conscience bids me aske) wherefore you haueMy conscience bids me ask – wherefore you haveCym
Commanded of me these most poysonous Compounds,Commanded of me these most poisonous compounds,Cym
Which are the moouers of a languishing death:Which are the movers of a languishing death:Cym
But though slow, deadly.But though slow, deadly.Cym
Your HighnesseYour highnessCym
Shall from this practise, but make hard your heart:Shall from this practice but make hard your heart:Cym
Besides, the seeing these effects will beBesides, the seeing these effects will beCym
Both noysome, and infectious.Both noisome and infectious.Cym
I do suspect you, Madam,I do suspect you, madam;Cym
But you shall do no harme.But you shall do no harm.Cym
I do not like her. She doth thinke she ha'sI do not like her. She doth think she hasCym
Strange ling'ring poysons: I do know her spirit,Strange ling'ring poisons: I do know her spirit;Cym
And will not trust one of her malice, withAnd will not trust one of her malice withCym
A drugge of such damn'd Nature. Those she ha's,A drug of such damned nature. Those she hasCym
Will stupifie and dull the Sense a-while,Will stupefy and dull the sense awhile;Cym
Which first (perchance) shee'l proue on Cats and Dogs,Which first, perchance, she'll prove on cats and dogs,Cym
Then afterward vp higher: but there isThen afterward up higher: but there isCym
No danger in what shew of death it makes,No danger in what show of death it makes,Cym
More then the locking vp the Spirits a time,More than the locking up the spirits a time,Cym
To be more fresh, reuiuing. She is fool'dTo be more fresh, reviving. She is fooledCym
With a most false effect: and I, the truer,With a most false effect; and I the truer,Cym
So to be false with her.So to be false with her.Cym
I humbly take my leaue.I humbly take my leave.Cym
Hayle great King,Hail, great king!Cym V.v.25.2
To sowre your happinesse, I must reportTo sour your happiness, I must reportCym V.v.26
The Queene is dead.The queen is dead.Cym V.v.27.1
With horror, madly dying, like her life,With horror, madly dying, like her life,Cym V.v.31
Which (being cruell to the world) concludedWhich – being cruel to the world – concludedCym V.v.32
Most cruell to her selfe. What she confest,Most cruel to herself. What she confessedCym V.v.33
I will report, so please you. These her WomenI will report, so please you. These her womenCym V.v.34
Can trip me, if I erre, who with wet cheekesCan trip me, if I err, who with wet cheeksCym V.v.35
Were present when she finish'd.Were present when she finished.Cym V.v.36.1
First, she confest she neuer lou'd you: onelyFirst, she confessed she never loved you: onlyCym V.v.37
Affected Greatnesse got by you: not you:Affected greatness got by you: not you:Cym V.v.38
Married your Royalty, was wife to your place:Married your royalty, was wife to your place:Cym V.v.39
Abhorr'd your person.Abhorred your person.Cym V.v.40.1
Your daughter, whom she bore in hand to loueYour daughter, whom she bore in hand to loveCym V.v.43
With such integrity, she did confesseWith such integrity, she did confessCym V.v.44
Was as a Scorpion to her sight, whose lifeWas as a scorpion to her sight, whose life – Cym V.v.45
(But that her flight preuented it) she hadBut that her flight prevented it – she hadCym V.v.46
Tane off by poyson.Ta'en off by poison.Cym V.v.47.1
More Sir, and worse. She did confesse she hadMore, sir, and worse. She did confess she hadCym V.v.49
For you a mortall Minerall, which being tooke,For you a mortal mineral, which, being took,Cym V.v.50
Should by the minute feede on life, and ling'ring,Should by the minute feed on life and ling'ringCym V.v.51
By inches waste you. In which time, she purpos'dBy inches waste you. In which time, she purposedCym V.v.52
By watching, weeping, tendance, kissing, toBy watching, weeping, tendance, kissing, toCym V.v.53
Orecome you with her shew; and in timeO'ercome you with her show; and in time – Cym V.v.54
(When she had fitted you with her craft, to workeWhen she had fitted you with her craft – to workCym V.v.55
Her Sonne into th'adoption of the Crowne:Her son into th' adoption of the crown:Cym V.v.56
But fayling of her end by his strange absence,But, failing of her end by his strange absence,Cym V.v.57
Grew shamelesse desperate, open'd (in despightGrew shameless-desperate, opened – in despiteCym V.v.58
Of Heauen, and Men) her purposes: repentedOf heaven and men – her purposes: repentedCym V.v.59
The euils she hatch'd, were not effected: soThe evils she hatched were not effected: soCym V.v.60
Dispayring, dyed.Despairing died.Cym V.v.61.1
Oh Gods!O gods!Cym V.v.243.3
I left out one thing which the Queene confest,I left out one thing which the queen confessed.Cym V.v.244
Which must approue thee honest. If PasanioWhich must approve thee honest. ‘ If PisanioCym V.v.245
Haue (said she) giuen his Mistris that ConfectionHave,’ said she, ‘ given his mistress that confectionCym V.v.246
Which I gaue him for Cordiall, she is seru'd,Which I gave him for cordial, she is servedCym V.v.247
As I would serue a Rat.As I would serve a rat.’Cym V.v.248.1
The Queene (Sir) very oft importun'd meThe queen, sir, very oft importuned meCym V.v.249
To temper poysons for her, still pretendingTo temper poisons for her, still pretendingCym V.v.250
The satisfaction of her knowledge, onelyThe satisfaction of her knowledge onlyCym V.v.251
In killing Creatures vilde, as Cats and DoggesIn killing creatures vile, as cats and dogsCym V.v.252
Of no esteeme. I dreading, that her purposeOf no esteem. I, dreading that her purposeCym V.v.253
Was of more danger, did compound for herWas of more danger, did compound for herCym V.v.254
A certaine stuffe, which being tane, would ceaseA certain stuff, which being ta'en would ceaseCym V.v.255
The present powre of life, but in short time,The present power of life, but in short timeCym V.v.256
All Offices of Nature, should againeAll offices of nature should againCym V.v.257
Do their due Functions. Haue you tane of it?Do their due functions. Have you ta'en of it?Cym V.v.258
By the Queenes Dramme she swallow'd.By the queen's dram she swallowed.Cym V.v.382.1