Original textModern textKey line
This is the tenor of the Emperors Writ;This is the tenor of the emperor's writ;Cym III.viii.1
That since the common men are now in ActionThat since the common men are now in actionCym III.viii.2
'Gainst the Pannonians, and Dalmatians,'Gainst the Pannonians and Dalmatians,Cym III.viii.3
And that the Legions now in Gallia, areAnd that the legions now in Gallia areCym III.viii.4
Full weake to vndertake our Warres againstFull weak to undertake our wars againstCym III.viii.5
The falne-off Britaines, that we do inciteThe fall'n-off Britons, that we do inciteCym III.viii.6
The Gentry to this businesse. He createsThe gentry to this business. He createsCym III.viii.7
Lucius Pro-Consull: and to you the TribunesLucius proconsul: and to you the tribunes,Cym III.viii.8
For this immediate Leuy, he commandsFor this immediate levy, he commandsCym III.viii.9
His absolute Commission. Long liue Casar.His absolute commission. Long live Caesar!Cym III.viii.10
With those LegionsWith those legionsCym III.viii.12.2
Which I haue spoke of, whereunto your leuieWhich I have spoke of, whereunto your levyCym III.viii.13
Must be suppliant: the words of your CommissionMust be supplyant: the words of your commissionCym III.viii.14
Will tye you to the numbers, and the timeWill tie you to the numbers and the timeCym III.viii.15
Of their dispatch.Of their dispatch.Cym III.viii.16.1