Original textModern textKey line
I haue seene him in France: wee had very manyI have seen him in France: we had very manyCym I.v.10
there, could behold the Sunne, with as firme eyes as hee.there could behold the sun with as firm eyes as he.Cym I.v.11
And then his banishment.And then his banishment.Cym I.v.16
Sir, we haue knowne togither in Orleance.Sir, we have known together in Orleans.Cym I.v.33
Sir, you o're-rate my poore kindnesse, I was glad ISir, you o'errate my poor kindness: I was glad ICym I.v.36
did attone my Countryman and you: it had beene pittydid atone my countryman and you: it had been pityCym I.v.37
you should haue beene put together, with so mortall ayou should have been put together, with so mortal aCym I.v.38
purpose, as then each bore, vpon importance of sopurpose as then each bore, upon importance of soCym I.v.39
slight and triuiall a nature.slight and trivial a nature.Cym I.v.40
Faith yes, to be put to the arbiterment of Swords,Faith yes, to be put to the arbitrement of swords,Cym I.v.47
and by such two, that would by all likelyhood haueand by such two, that would by all likelihood haveCym I.v.48
confounded one the other, or haue falne both.confounded one the other, or have fallen both.Cym I.v.49
Safely, I thinke, 'twas a contention in publicke,Safely, I think: 'twas a contention in public,Cym I.v.51
which may (without contradiction) suffer the report.which may – without contradiction – suffer the report.Cym I.v.52
It was much like an argument that fell out last night,It was much like an argument that fell out last night,Cym I.v.53
where each of vs fell in praise of our Country-Mistresses.where each of us fell in praise of our country mistresses;Cym I.v.54
This Gentleman, at that time vouching (andthis gentleman at that time vouching – andCym I.v.55
vpon warrant of bloody affirmation) his to be moreupon warrant of bloody affirmation – his to be moreCym I.v.56
Faire, Vertuous, Wise, Chaste, Constant, Qualified, andfair, virtuous, wise, chaste, constant, qualified andCym I.v.57
lesse attemptible then any, the rarest of our Ladies inless attemptable than any the rarest of our ladies inCym I.v.58
Fraunce.France.Cym I.v.59
Will this hold, thinke you.Will this hold, think you?Cym I.v.168

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