Original textModern textKey line
No more you petty Spirits of Region lowNo more, you petty spirits of region low,Cym V.iv.93
Offend our hearing: hush. How dare you GhostesOffend our hearing: hush! How dare you ghostsCym V.iv.94
Accuse the Thunderer, whose Bolt (you know)Accuse the thunderer, whose bolt – you know – Cym V.iv.95
Sky-planted, batters all rebelling Coasts.Sky-planted, batters all rebelling coasts?Cym V.iv.96
Poore shadowes of Elizium, hence, and restPoor shadows of Elysium, hence, and restCym V.iv.97
Vpon your neuer-withering bankes of Flowres.Upon your never-withering banks of flowers:Cym V.iv.98
Be not with mortall accidents opprest,Be not with mortal accidents opprest,Cym V.iv.99
No care of yours it is, you know 'tis ours.No care of yours it is, you know 'tis ours.Cym V.iv.100
Whom best I loue, I crosse; to make my guiftWhom best I love I cross; to make my gift,Cym V.iv.101
The more delay'd, delighted. Be content,The more delayed, delighted. Be content,Cym V.iv.102
Your low-laide Sonne, our Godhead will vplift:Your low-laid son our godhead will uplift:Cym V.iv.103
His Comforts thriue, his Trials well are spent:His comforts thrive, his trials well are spent:Cym V.iv.104
Our Iouiall Starre reign'd at his Birth, and inOur Jovial star reigned at his birth, and inCym V.iv.105
Our Temple was he married: Rise, and fade,Our temple was he married. Rise, and fade.Cym V.iv.106
He shall be Lord of Lady Imogen,He shall be lord of lady Innogen,Cym V.iv.107
And happier much by his Affliction made.And happier much by his affliction made.Cym V.iv.108
This Tablet lay vpon his Brest, whereinThis tablet lay upon his breast, whereinCym V.iv.109
Our pleasure, his full Fortune, doth confine,Our pleasure his full fortune doth confine,Cym V.iv.110
And so away: no farther with your dinneAnd so away: no farther with your dinCym V.iv.111
Expresse Impatience, least you stirre vp mine:Express impatience, lest you stir up mine.Cym V.iv.112
Mount Eagle, to my Palace Christalline. Mount, eagle, to my palace crystalline.Cym V.iv.113