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No more thou Thunder-Master shewNo more thou thunder-master showCym V.iv.30
thy spight, on Mortall Flies:thy spite on mortal flies:Cym V.iv.31
With Mars fall out with Iuno chide,With Mars fall out, with Juno chide,Cym V.iv.32
that thy Adulteriesthat thy adulteriesCym V.iv.33
Rates, and Reuenges.Rates and revenges.Cym V.iv.34
Hath my poore Boy done ought but well,Hath my poor boy done aught but well,Cym V.iv.35
whose face I neuer saw:whose face I never saw?Cym V.iv.36
I dy'de whil'st in the Wombe he staide,I died whilst in the womb he stayed,Cym V.iv.37
attending Natures Law.attending Nature's law:Cym V.iv.38
Whose Father then (as men report,Whose father then – as men reportCym V.iv.39
thou Orphanes Father art)thou orphans' father art – Cym V.iv.40
Thou should'st haue bin, and sheelded him,Thou shouldst have been, and shielded himCym V.iv.41
from this earth-vexing smart.from this earth-vexing smart.Cym V.iv.42
Great Nature like his Ancestrie,Great nature, like his ancestry,Cym V.iv.48
moulded the stuffe so faire:moulded the stuff so fair,Cym V.iv.49
That he deseru'd the praise o'th'World,That he deserved the praise o'th' world,Cym V.iv.50
as great Sicilius great Sicilius' heir.Cym V.iv.51
Why did you suffer Iachimo, Why did you suffer Iachimo,Cym V.iv.63
slight thing of Italy,slight thing of Italy,Cym V.iv.64
To taint his Nobler hart & braine,To taint his nobler heart and brainCym V.iv.65
with needlesse ielousy,with needless jealousy;Cym V.iv.66
And to become the geeke and scorneAnd to become the geck and scornCym V.iv.67
o'th'others vilany?o'th' other's villainy?Cym V.iv.68
Thy Christall window ope; looke, / looke out,Thy crystal window ope; look out;Cym V.iv.81
no longer exerciseno longer exerciseCym V.iv.82
Vpon a valiant Race, thy harsh,Upon a valiant race thy harshCym V.iv.83
and potent iniuries:and potent injuries.Cym V.iv.84
Peepe through thy Marble Mansion, helpe,Peep through thy marble mansion, help,Cym V.iv.87
or we poore Ghosts will cryor we poor ghosts will cryCym V.iv.88
To'th'shining Synod of the rest,To th' shining synod of the restCym V.iv.89
against thy Deity.against thy deity.Cym V.iv.90
He came in Thunder, his Celestiall breathHe came in thunder; his celestial breathCym V.iv.114
Was sulphurous to smell: the holy EagleWas sulphurous to smell: the holy eagleCym V.iv.115
Stoop'd, as to foote vs: his Ascension isStooped, as to foot us: his ascension isCym V.iv.116
More sweet then our blest Fields: his Royall BirdMore sweet than our blest fields: his royal birdCym V.iv.117
Prunes the immortall wing, and cloyes his Beake,Prunes the immortal wing, and cloys his beak,Cym V.iv.118
As when his God is pleas'd.As when his god is pleased.Cym V.iv.119.1
All. ALL
Thankes Iupiter.Thanks, Jupiter!Cym V.iv.119.2
The Marble Pauement clozes, he is enter'dThe marble pavement closes, he is enteredCym V.iv.120
His radiant Roofe: Away, and to be blestHis radiant roof. Away! And to be blestCym V.iv.121
Let vs with care performe his great behest. Let us with care perform his great behest.Cym V.iv.122

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