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Last night, the very Gods shew'd me a visionLast night the very gods showed me a vision – Cym IV.ii.346
(I fast, and pray'd for their Intelligence) thus:I fast, and prayed for their intelligence – thus:Cym IV.ii.347
I saw Ioues Bird, the Roman Eagle wing'dI saw Jove's bird, the Roman eagle, wingedCym IV.ii.348
From the spungy South, to this part of the West,From the spongy south to this part of the west,Cym IV.ii.349
There vanish'd in the Sun-beames, which portendsThere vanished in the sunbeams, which portends – Cym IV.ii.350
(Vnlesse my sinnes abuse my Diuination)Unless my sins abuse my divination – Cym IV.ii.351
Successe to th'Roman hoast.Success to th' Roman host.Cym IV.ii.352.1
Heere, my good Lord.Here, my good lord.Cym V.v.435.1
WHen as a Lyons whelpe, shall to himselfe When as a lion's whelp shall, to himselfCym V.v.436
vnknown, without seeking finde, and bee embrac'd unknown, without seeking find, and be embracedCym V.v.437
by a peece of tender Ayre: And when from a by a piece of tender air: and when from aCym V.v.438
stately Cedar shall be lopt branches,which stately cedar shall be lopped branches, which,Cym V.v.439
being dead many yeares, shall after reuiue, bee being dead many years, shall after revive, beCym V.v.440
ioynted to the old Stocke, and freshly grow, then jointed to the old stock, and freshly grow, thenCym V.v.441
shall Posthumus end his miseries, Britaine be fortunate, shall Posthumus end his miseries, Britain be fortunate,Cym V.v.442
and flourish in Peace and Plentie.and flourish in peace and plenty.Cym V.v.443
Thou Leonatus art the Lyons Whelpe,Thou, Leonatus, art the lion's whelp,Cym V.v.444
The fit and apt Construction of thy nameThe fit and apt construction of thy name,Cym V.v.445
Being Leonatus, doth import so much:Being Leo-natus, doth impart so much:Cym V.v.446
The peece of tender Ayre, thy vertuous Daughter,(to Cymbeline) The piece of tender air, thy virtuous daughter,Cym V.v.447
Which we call Mollis Aer, and Mollis AerWhich we call mollis aer; and mollis aerCym V.v.448
We terme it Mulier; which Mulier I diuineWe term it mulier: which mulier I divineCym V.v.449
Is this most constant Wife, who euen nowIs this most constant wife, who even now,Cym V.v.450
Answering the Letter of the Oracle,Answering the letter of the oracle,Cym V.v.451
Vnknowne to you vnsought, were clipt aboutUnknown to you, unsought, were clipped aboutCym V.v.452
With this most tender Aire.With this most tender air.Cym V.v.453.1
The lofty Cedar, Royall CymbelineThe lofty cedar, royal Cymbeline,Cym V.v.454
Personates thee: And thy lopt Branches, pointPersonates thee: and thy lopped branches pointCym V.v.455
Thy two Sonnes forth: who by Belarius stolneThy two sons forth: who, by Belarius stol'n,Cym V.v.456
For many yeares thought dead, are now reuiu'dFor many years thought dead, are now revived,Cym V.v.457
To the Maiesticke Cedar ioyn'd; whose IssueTo the majestic cedar joined; whose issueCym V.v.458
Promises Britaine, Peace and Plenty.Promises Britain peace and plenty.Cym V.v.459.1
The fingers of the Powres aboue, do tuneThe fingers of the powers above do tuneCym V.v.467
The harmony of this Peace: the VisionThe harmony of this peace. The vision,Cym V.v.468
Which I made knowne to Lucius ere the strokeWhich I made known to Lucius ere the strokeCym V.v.469
Of yet this scarse-cold-Battaile, at this instantOf yet this scarce-cold battle, at this instantCym V.v.470
Is full accomplish'd. For the Romaine EagleIs full accomplished. For the Roman eagle,Cym V.v.471
From South to West, on wing soaring aloftFrom south to west on wing soaring aloft,Cym V.v.472
Lessen'd her selfe, and in the Beames o'th'SunLessened herself and in the beams o' the sunCym V.v.473
So vanish'd; which fore-shew'd our Princely EagleSo vanished; which foreshadowed our princely eagle,Cym V.v.474
Th'Imperiall Casar, should againe vniteTh' imperial Caesar, should again uniteCym V.v.475
His Fauour, with the Radiant Cymbeline,His favour with the radiant Cymbeline,Cym V.v.476
Which shines heere in the West.Which shines here in the west.Cym V.v.477.1