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Soothsayer. Soothsayer!AC I.ii.6
Shew him your hand.Show him your hand.AC I.ii.11.2
Vex not his prescience, be attentiue.Vex not his prescience; be attentive.AC I.ii.22
Nay, heare him.Nay, hear him.AC I.ii.26
You thinke none but your sheets are priuie to yourYou think none but your sheets are privy to yourAC I.ii.42
wishes.wishes.AC I.ii.43
Wee'l know all our Fortunes.We'll know all our fortunes.AC I.ii.45
Lo now, if it lay in their hands to make mee aLo now, if it lay in their hands to make me aAC I.ii.77
Cuckold, they would make themselues Whores, butcuckold, they would make themselves whores butAC I.ii.78
they'ld doo't.they'd do't.AC I.ii.79
Heere at your seruice. My Lord approaches.Here at your service. My lord approaches.AC I.ii.87
Soueraigne of Egypt, haile.Sovereign of Egypt, hail!AC I.v.34.2
Last thing he did (deere Quene)Last thing he did, dear Queen,AC I.v.39
He kist the last of many doubled kissesHe kissed – the last of many doubled kisses – AC I.v.40
This Orient Pearle. His speech stickes in my heart.This orient pearl. His speech sticks in my heart.AC I.v.41
Good Friend, quoth he:‘ Good friend,’ quoth he,AC I.v.42.2
Say the firme Roman to great Egypt sends‘ Say the firm Roman to great Egypt sendsAC I.v.43
This treasure of an Oyster: at whose footeThis treasure of an oyster; at whose foot,AC I.v.44
To mend the petty present, I will peeceTo mend the petty present, I will pieceAC I.v.45
Her opulent Throne, with Kingdomes. All the East,Her opulent throne with kingdoms. All the East,AC I.v.46
(Say thou) shall call her Mistris. So he nodded,Say thou, shall call her mistress.’ So he nodded,AC I.v.47
And soberly did mount an Arme-gaunt Steede,And soberly did mount an arrogant steed,AC I.v.48
Who neigh'd so hye, that what I would haue spoke,Who neighed so high that what I would have spokeAC I.v.49
Was beastly dumbe by him.Was beastly dumbed by him.AC I.v.50.1
Like to the time o'th' yeare, between ye extremesLike to the time o'th' year between the extremesAC I.v.51
Of hot and cold, he was nor sad nor merrie.Of hot and cold, he was nor sad nor merry.AC I.v.52
I Madam, twenty seuerall Messengers.Ay, madam, twenty several messengers.AC I.v.62
Why do you send so thicke?Why do you send so thick?AC I.v.63.1
Omnes. ALL
The Musicke, hoa.The music, ho!AC II.v.2.2
Halfe afeard to come.Half afeard to come.AC III.iii.1.2
Good Maiestie: Good majesty,AC III.iii.2.3
Herod of Iury dare not looke vpon you,Herod of Jewry dare not look upon youAC III.iii.3
but when you are well pleas'd.But when you are well pleased.AC III.iii.4.1

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