Original textModern textKey line
Such as I am, I come from Anthony:Such as I am, I come from Antony.AC III.xii.7
I was of late as petty to his ends,I was of late as petty to his endsAC III.xii.8
As is the Morne-dew on the Mertle leafeAs is the morn-dew on the myrtle leafAC III.xii.9
To his grand Sea.To his grand sea.AC III.xii.10.1
Lord of his Fortunes he salutes thee, andLord of his fortunes he salutes thee, andAC III.xii.11
Requires to liue in Egypt, which not grantedRequires to live in Egypt; which not granted,AC III.xii.12
He Lessons his Requests, and to thee suesHe lessons his requests, and to thee suesAC III.xii.13
To let him breath betweene the Heauens and EarthTo let him breathe between the heavens and earth,AC III.xii.14
A priuate man in Athens: this for him.A private man in Athens. This for him.AC III.xii.15
Next, Cleopatra does confesse thy Greatnesse,Next, Cleopatra does confess thy greatness,AC III.xii.16
Submits her to thy might, and of thee crauesSubmits her to thy might, and of thee cravesAC III.xii.17
The Circle of the Ptolomies for her heyres,The circle of the Ptolemies for her heirs,AC III.xii.18
Now hazarded to thy Grace.Now hazarded to thy grace.AC III.xii.19.1
Fortune pursue thee.Fortune pursue thee!AC III.xii.25.1
I my Lord.Ay, my lord.AC III.xiii.14
He sayes so.He says so.AC III.xiii.16.2

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