Original textModern textKey line
Why will my Lord, do so?Why will my lord do so?AC III.vii.29.1
I, and to wage this Battell at Pharsalia,Ay, and to wage this battle at Pharsalia,AC III.vii.31
Where Casar fought with Pompey. But these offersWhere Caesar fought with Pompey. But these offers,AC III.vii.32
Which serue not for his vantage, he shakes off,Which serve not for his vantage, be shakes off;AC III.vii.33
And so should you.And so should you.AC III.vii.34.1
Souldier thou art: but his whole action growesSoldier, thou art; but his whole action growsAC III.vii.68
Not in the power on't: so our Leaders leade,Not in the power on't. So our leader's led,AC III.vii.69
And we are Womens men.And we are women's men.AC III.vii.70.1
Marcus Octauius, Marcus Iusteus,Marcus Octavius, Marcus Justeius,AC III.vii.72
Publicola, and Celius, are for Sea:Publicola, and Caelius are for sea;AC III.vii.73
But we keepe whole by Land. This speede of CasarsBut we keep whole by land. This speed of Caesar'sAC III.vii.74
Carries beyond beleefe.Carries beyond belief.AC III.vii.75.1
Who's his Lieutenant, heare you?Who's his lieutenant, hear you?AC III.vii.77.2
Well, I know the man.Well I know the man.AC III.vii.78.2
With Newes the times with Labour, / And throwes forthWith news the time's with labour and throes forthAC III.vii.80
each minute, some. Each minute some.AC III.vii.81
Our Fortune on the Sea is out of breath,Our fortune on the sea is out of breath,AC III.x.24
And sinkes most lamentably. Had our GenerallAnd sinks most lamentably. Had our generalAC III.x.25
Bin what he knew himselfe, it had gone well:Been what he knew himself, it had gone well.AC III.x.26
Oh his ha's giuen example for our flight,O, he has given example for our flightAC III.x.27
Most grossely by his owne.Most grossly by his own.AC III.x.28
Toward Peloponnesus are they fled.Toward Peloponnesus are they fled.AC III.x.30
To Casar will I renderTo Caesar will I renderAC III.x.32.2
My Legions and my Horse, sixe Kings alreadieMy legions and my horse. Six kings alreadyAC III.x.33
Shew me the way of yeelding.Show me the way of yielding.AC III.x.34.1

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