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Truly I haue him: but I would not be the partie Truly I have him; but I would not be the partyAC V.ii.245
that should desire you to touch him, for his byting isthat should desire you to touch him, for his biting isAC V.ii.246
immortall: those that doe dye of it, doe seldome or neuer immortal. Those that do die of it do seldom or neverAC V.ii.247
recouer.recover.AC V.ii.248
Very many, men and women too. I heard of one Very many, men and women too. I heard of oneAC V.ii.250
of them no longer then yesterday, a very honest of them no longer than yesterday; a very honestAC V.ii.251
woman, / but something giuen to lye, as a woman should woman, but something given to lie, as a woman shouldAC V.ii.252
not do, but in the way of honesty, how she dyed of the not do but in the way of honesty; how she died of theAC V.ii.253
byting of it, what paine she felt: Truely, she makes averiebiting of it, what pain she felt; truly, she makes a veryAC V.ii.254
good report o'th'worme: but he that wil beleeue all thatgood report o'th' worm. But he that will believe all thatAC V.ii.255
they say, shall neuer be saued by halfe that they do: butthey say shall never be saved by half that they do. But AC V.ii.256
this is most falliable, the Worme's an odde Worme.this is most fallible, the worm's an odd worm.AC V.ii.257
I wish you all ioy of the Worme.I wish you all joy of the worm.AC V.ii.259
You must thinke this (looke you,) that the Worme You must think this, look you, that the wormAC V.ii.261
will do his kinde.will do his kind.AC V.ii.262
Looke you, the Worme is not to bee trusted, but in Look you, the worm is not to be trusted but inAC V.ii.264
the keeping of wise people: for indeede, there is no the keeping of wise people; for indeed there is noAC V.ii.265
goodnesse in the Worme.goodness in the worm.AC V.ii.266
Very good: giue it nothing I pray you, for it is Very good. Give it nothing, I pray you, for it isAC V.ii.268
not worth the feeding.not worth the feeding.AC V.ii.269
You must not think I am so simple, but I knowYou must not think I am so simple but I knowAC V.ii.271
the diuell himselfe will not eate a woman: I know, that a the devil himself will not eat a woman. I know that aAC V.ii.272
woman is a dish for the Gods, if the diuell dresse her not. woman is a dish for the gods, if the devil dress her not.AC V.ii.273
But truly, these same whorson diuels doe the Gods great But truly, these same whoreson devils do the gods greatAC V.ii.274
harme in their women: for in euery tenne that they make, harm in their women; for in every ten that they make,AC V.ii.275
the diuels marre fiue.the devils mar five.AC V.ii.276
Yes forsooth: I wish you ioy o'th'worm. Yes, forsooth. I wish you joy o'th' worm.AC V.ii.278

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