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Casar, 'tis his Schoolemaster,Caesar, 'tis his schoolmaster:AC III.xii.2.2
An argument that he is pluckt, when hitherAn argument that he is plucked, when hitherAC III.xii.3
He sends so poore a Pinnion of his Wing,He sends so poor a pinion of his wing,AC III.xii.4
Which had superfluous Kings for Messengers,Which had superfluous kings for messengersAC III.xii.5
Not many Moones gone by.Not many moons gone by.AC III.xii.6.1
Casar, I shall.Caesar, I shall.AC V.i.3.2
Proculeius,Proculeius.AC V.ii.64.2
What thou hast done, thy Master Casar knowes,What thou hast done thy master Caesar knows,AC V.ii.65
And he hath sent for thee: for the Queene,And he hath sent for thee. For the Queen,AC V.ii.66
Ile take her to my Guard.I'll take her to my guard.AC V.ii.67.1
Most Noble Empresse, you haue heard of me.Most noble empress, you have heard of me?AC V.ii.71
Assuredly you know me. Assuredly you know me.AC V.ii.72.2
I vnderstand not, Madam. I understand not, madam.AC V.ii.75.2
If it might please ye.If it might please ye – AC V.ii.78.2
Most Soueraigne Creature.Most sovereign creature – AC V.ii.81.2
Cleopatra.Cleopatra – AC V.ii.92.2
Gentle Madam, no.Gentle madam, no.AC V.ii.94.2
Heare me, good Madam:Hear me, good madam.AC V.ii.100.2
Your losse is as your selfe, great; and you beare itYour loss is as yourself, great; and you bear itAC V.ii.101
As answering to the waight, would I might neuerAs answering to the weight. Would I might neverAC V.ii.102
Ore-take pursu'de successe: But I do feeleO'ertake pursued success but I do feel,AC V.ii.103
By the rebound of yours, a greefe that suitesBy the rebound of yours, a grief that smitesAC V.ii.104
My very heart at roote.My very heart at root.AC V.ii.105.1
I am loath to tell you what, I would you knew.I am loath to tell you what I would you knew.AC V.ii.107
Though he be Honourable.Though he be honourable – AC V.ii.108.2
Madam he will, I know't. Madam, he will. I know't.AC V.ii.110
It is the Emperor Madam. It is the Emperor, madam.AC V.ii.113
Madam, as thereto sworne, by your commandMadam, as thereto sworn, by your command,AC V.ii.198
(Which my loue makes Religion to obey)Which my love makes religion to obey,AC V.ii.199
I tell you this: Casar through SyriaI tell you this: Caesar through SyriaAC V.ii.200
Intends his iourney, and within three dayes,Intends his journey, and within three daysAC V.ii.201
You with your Children will he send before,You with your children will he send before.AC V.ii.202
Make your best vse of this. I haue perform'dMake your best use of this. I have performedAC V.ii.203
Your pleasure, and my promise.Your pleasure and my promise.AC V.ii.204.1
I your Seruant:I, your servant,AC V.ii.205.2
Adieu good Queene, I must attend on Casar. ExitAdieu, good queen; I must attend on Caesar.AC V.ii.206
How goes it heere?How goes it here?AC V.ii.328.1
Casar, thy thoughtsCaesar, thy thoughtsAC V.ii.328.3
Touch their effects in this: Thy selfe art commingTouch their effects in this. Thyself art comingAC V.ii.329
To see perform'd the dreaded Act which thouTo see performed the dreaded act which thouAC V.ii.330
So sought'st to hinder.So sought'st to hinder.AC V.ii.331.1
Oh sir, you are too sure an Augurer:O, sir, you are too sure an augurer;AC V.ii.332
That you did feare, is done.That you did fear is done.AC V.ii.333.1
Who was last with them?Who was last with them?AC V.ii.336.2
Heere on her brest,Here, on her breast,AC V.ii.346.2
There is a vent of Bloud, and something blowne,There is a vent of blood, and something blown;AC V.ii.347
The like is on her Arme.The like is on her arm.AC V.ii.348

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