Original textModern textKey line
No, you shall paint when you are old.No, you shall paint when you are old.AC I.ii.20
There's a Palme presages Chastity, if nothing els.There's a palm presages chastity, if nothing else.AC I.ii.48
Go you wilde Bedfellow, you cannot(to Charmian) Go, you wild bedfellow, you cannotAC I.ii.51
Soothsay.soothsay.AC I.ii.52
But how, but how, giue me particulars.But how, but how? Give me particulars.AC I.ii.57
Am I not an inch of Fortune better then she?Am I not an inch of fortune better than she?AC I.ii.59
Not in my Husbands nose.Not in my husband's nose.AC I.ii.62
Amen, deere Goddesse, heare that prayer of the people.Amen. Dear goddess, hear that prayer of the people!AC I.ii.71
For, as it is a heart-breaking to see a handsome manFor, as it is a heartbreaking to see a handsome manAC I.ii.72
loose-Wiu'd, so it is a deadly sorrow, to beholde a fouleloose-wived, so it is a deadly sorrow to behold a foulAC I.ii.73
Knaue vncuckolded: Therefore deere Isis keep decorum,knave uncuckolded. Therefore, dear Isis, keep decorum,AC I.ii.74
and Fortune him accordingly.and fortune him accordingly!AC I.ii.75
Omnes. ALL
The Musicke, hoa.The music, ho!AC II.v.2.2
Do most deere Queene.Do, most dear queen.AC III.xi.26
Madam, oh good Empresse.Madam, O, good empress!AC III.xi.33
Go to him, Madam, speake to him,Go to him, madam, speak to him;AC III.xi.43
Hee's vnqualited with very shame.He's unqualitied with very shame.AC III.xi.44
She's dead too, our Soueraigne.She's dead too, our sovereign.AC IV.xv.69.1
Madam.Madam!AC IV.xv.69.3
Royall Egypt: Empresse.Royal Egypt! Empress!AC IV.xv.71.1
Royall Queene.Royal queen!AC V.ii.37
Finish good Lady, the bright day is done,Finish, good lady; the bright day is done,AC V.ii.193
And we are for the darke.And we are for the dark.AC V.ii.194.1
The Gods forbid.The gods forbid!AC V.ii.213.2
O the good Gods!O, the good gods!AC V.ii.221.2
Ile neuer see't? for I am sure mine NailesI'll never see't! For I am sure my nailsAC V.ii.223
Are stronger then mine eyes.Are stronger than mine eyes.AC V.ii.224.1

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