Original textModern textKey line
If it might please you, to enforce no furtherIf it might please you to enforce no furtherAC II.ii.103
The griefes betweene ye: to forget them quite,The griefs between ye: to forget them quiteAC II.ii.104
Were to remember: that the present neede,Were to remember that the present needAC II.ii.105
Speakes to attone you.Speaks to atone you.AC II.ii.106.1
Welcome from Agypt Sir.Welcome from Egypt, sir.AC II.ii.176
We haue cause to be glad, that matters are soWe have cause to be glad that matters are soAC II.ii.180
well disgested: you staid well by't in Egypt.well disgested. You stayed well by't in Egypt.AC II.ii.181
Eight Wilde-Boares rosted whole at a breakfast:Eight wild boars roasted whole at a breakfast,AC II.ii.184
and but twelue persons there. Is this true?and but twelve persons there. Is this true?AC II.ii.185
She's a most triumphant Lady, if report beShe's a most triumphant lady, if report beAC II.ii.189
square to her.square to her.AC II.ii.190
Now Anthony, must leaue her vtterly.Now Antony must leave her utterly.AC II.ii.238
If Beauty, Wisedome, Modesty, can settleIf beauty, wisdom, modesty, can settleAC II.ii.246
The heart of Anthony: Octauia isThe heart of Antony, Octavia isAC II.ii.247
A blessed Lottery to him.A blessed lottery to him.AC II.ii.248.1
We shall:We shall,AC II.iv.5.2
as I conceiue the iourney, be at / MountAs I conceive the journey, be at th' MountAC II.iv.6
before you Lepidus.Before you, Lepidus.AC II.iv.7.1
Sir good successe.Sir, good success.AC II.iv.9.2
All. ALL
Shew's the way, sir.Show's the way, sir.AC
This in the publike eye?This in the public eye?AC
Let Rome be thus inform'd.Let Rome be thus informed.AC
Hee'l neuer yeeld to that.He'll never yield to that.AC
Welcome deere Madam,Welcome, dear madam.AC
Each heart in Rome does loue and pitty you,Each heart in Rome does love and pity you.AC
Onely th'adulterous Anthony, most largeOnly th' adulterous Antony, most largeAC
In his abhominations, turnes you off,In his abominations, turns you offAC
And giues his potent Regiment to a TrullAnd gives his potent regiment to a trullAC
That noyses it against vs.That noises it against us.AC
Casar must thinke,Caesar must think,AC IV.i.6.2
When one so great begins to rage, hee's huntedWhen one so great begins to rage, he's huntedAC IV.i.7
Euen to falling. Giue him no breath, but nowEven to falling. Give him no breath, but nowAC IV.i.8
Make boote of his distraction: Neuer angerMake boot of his distraction. Never angerAC IV.i.9
Made good guard for it selfe.Made good guard for itself.AC IV.i.10.1
His taints and Honours,His taints and honoursAC V.i.30.2
wag'd equal with him.Waged equal with him.AC V.i.31.1
When such a spacious Mirror's set before him,When such a spacious mirror's set before him,AC V.i.34
He needes must see him selfe.He needs must see himself.AC V.i.35.1
Dolabella.Dolabella!AC V.i.70.2
All. ALL
Make way there Casar.Make way there! Caesar!AC V.ii.111

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