Original textModern textKey line
What's your Highnesse pleasure?What's your highness' pleasure?AC I.v.8.2
Yes gracious Madam.Yes, gracious madam.AC I.v.13
Not in deed Madam, for I can do nothingNot in deed, madam; for I can do nothingAC I.v.15
But what in deede is honest to be done:But what indeed is honest to be done.AC I.v.16
Yet haue I fierce Affections, and thinkeYet have I fierce affections, and thinkAC I.v.17
What Venus did with Mars.What Venus did with Mars.AC I.v.18.1
As well as I can Madam.As well as I can, madam.AC II.v.7
No Anthony,No, Antony;AC IV.xiv.23.2
My Mistris lou'd thee, and her Fortunes mingledMy mistress loved thee, and her fortunes mingledAC IV.xiv.24
With thine intirely.With thine entirely.AC IV.xiv.25.1
Death of one person, can be paide but once,Death of one person can be paid but once,AC IV.xiv.27
And that she ha's discharg'd. What thou would'st doAnd that she has discharged. What thou wouldst doAC IV.xiv.28
Is done vnto thy hand: the last she spakeIs done unto thy hand. The last she spakeAC IV.xiv.29
Was Anthony, most Noble Anthony.Was ‘ Antony! most noble Antony!’AC IV.xiv.30
Then in the midd'st a tearing grone did breakeThen in the midst a tearing groan did breakAC IV.xiv.31
The name of Anthony: it was diuidedThe name of Antony; it was dividedAC IV.xiv.32
Betweene her heart, and lips: she rendred lifeBetween her heart and lips. She rendered life,AC IV.xiv.33
Thy name so buried in her.Thy name so buried in her.AC IV.xiv.34.1
Dead.Dead.AC IV.xiv.34.3

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