Original textModern textKey line
Newes (my good Lord) from Rome.News, my good lord, from Rome.AC I.i.18.1
Fuluia thy Wife, / First came into the Field.Fulvia thy wife first came into the field.AC I.ii.89
I: Ay.AC I.ii.91
but soone that Warre had end, / And the times stateBut soon that war had end, and the time's stateAC I.ii.92
Made friends of them, ioynting their force 'gainst Casar,Made friends of them, jointing their force 'gainst Caesar,AC I.ii.93
Whose better issue in the warre from Italy,Whose better issue in the war from ItalyAC I.ii.94
Vpon the first encounter draue them.Upon the first encounter drave them.AC I.ii.95.1
The Nature of bad newes infects the Teller.The nature of bad news infects the teller.AC I.ii.96
Labienus Labienus – AC I.ii.100.2
(this is stiffe-newes) / Hath with his Parthian ForceThis is stiff news – hath with his Parthian forceAC I.ii.101
Extended Asia: from EuphratesExtended Asia; from EuphratesAC I.ii.102
his conquering / Banner shooke, from SyriaHis conquering banner shook, from SyriaAC I.ii.103
to Lydia, / And to Ionia,To Lydia and to Ionia,AC I.ii.104
whil'st---Whilst – AC I.ii.105.1
Oh my Lord.O, my lord.AC I.ii.105.3
At your Noble pleasure. At your noble pleasure.AC I.ii.113
Madam, Madam,AC III.iii.26.2
The Newes is true, my Lord, he is descried,The news is true, my lord; he is descried.AC III.vii.54
Casar ha's taken Toryne.Caesar has taken Toryne.AC III.vii.55
The Emperor cals Camidius.The Emperor calls Canidius.AC III.vii.79

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