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All which time, All which time,AC II.iii.2.2
before the Gods my knee shall bowe my ptayers Before the gods my knee shall bow my prayersAC II.iii.3
to them for you.To them for you.AC II.iii.4.1
My Noble Brother.My noble brother!AC III.ii.42
Sir, looke well to my Husbands house: and Sir, look well to my husband's house; and – AC III.ii.45.1
Ile tell you in your eare.I'll tell you in your ear.AC III.ii.46.2
Oh my good Lord,O, my good lord,AC III.iv.10.2
Beleeue not all, or if you must beleeue,Believe not all; or, if you must believe,AC III.iv.11
Stomacke not all. A more vnhappie Lady,Stomach not all. A more unhappy lady,AC III.iv.12
If this deuision chance, ne're stood betweeneIf this division chance, ne'er stood between,AC III.iv.13
Praying for both parts:Praying for both parts.AC III.iv.14
The good Gods wil mocke me presently,The good gods will mock me presentlyAC III.iv.15
When I shall pray: Oh blesse my Lord, and Husband,When I shall pray ‘ O, bless my lord and husband!’;AC III.iv.16
Vndo that prayer, by crying out as loud,Undo that prayer by crying out as loudAC III.iv.17
Oh blesse my Brother. Husband winne, winne Brother,‘ O, bless my brother!’ Husband win, win brother,AC III.iv.18
Prayes, and distroyes the prayer, no midwayPrays, and destroys the prayer; no midwayAC III.iv.19
'Twixt these extreames at all.'Twixt these extremes at all.AC III.iv.20.1
Thanks to my Lord,Thanks to my lord.AC III.iv.28.2
The Ioue of power make me most weake, most weake,The Jove of power make me, most weak, most weak,AC III.iv.29
You reconciler: Warres 'twixt you twaine would be,Your reconciler! Wars 'twixt you twain would beAC III.iv.30
As if the world should cleaue, and that slaine menAs if the world should cleave, and that slain menAC III.iv.31
Should soader vp the Rift.Should solder up the rift.AC III.iv.32
Haile Casar, and my L. haile most deere Casar.Hail, Caesar and my lord! Hail, most dear Caesar!AC III.vi.39
You haue not call'd me so, nor haue you cause.You have not called me so, nor have you cause.AC III.vi.41
Good my Lord,Good my lord,AC III.vi.55.2
To come thus was I not constrain'd, but did itTo come thus was I not constrained, but did itAC III.vi.56
On my free-will. My Lord Marke Anthony,On my free will. My lord, Mark Antony,AC III.vi.57
Hearing that you prepar'd for Warre, acquaintedHearing that you prepared for war, acquaintedAC III.vi.58
My greeued eare withall: whereon I begg'dMy grieved ear withal; whereon I beggedAC III.vi.59
His pardon for returne.His pardon for return.AC III.vi.60.1
Do not say so, my Lord.Do not say so, my lord.AC III.vi.62.1
My Lord, in Athens.My lord, in Athens.AC III.vi.64.2
Aye me most wretched,Ay me most wretched,AC III.vi.76.2
That haue my heart parted betwixt two Friends,That have my heart parted betwixt two friendsAC III.vi.77
That does afflict each other.That does afflict each other!AC III.vi.78.1
Is it so sir?Is it so, sir?AC III.vi.96.2

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