Original textModern textKey line
NAy, but this dotage of our GeneralsNay, but this dotage of our general'sAC I.i.1
Ore-flowes the measure: those his goodly eyesO'erflows the measure. Those his goodly eyes,AC I.i.2
That o're the Files and Musters of the Warre,That o'er the files and musters of the warAC I.i.3
Haue glow'd like plated Mars: / Now bend, now turneHave glowed like plated Mars, now bend, now turnAC I.i.4
The Office and Deuotion of their viewThe office and devotion of their viewAC I.i.5
Vpon a Tawny Front. His Captaines heart,Upon a tawny front. His captain's heart,AC I.i.6
Which in the scuffles of great Fights hath burstWhich in the scuffles of great fights hath burstAC I.i.7
The Buckles on his brest, reneages all temper,The buckles on his breast, reneges all temper,AC I.i.8
And is become the Bellowes and the FanAnd is become the bellows and the fanAC I.i.9
To coole a Gypsies Lust.To cool a gypsy's lust.AC I.i.10
Looke where they come:Look where they come.AC I.i.10.2
Take but good note, and you shall see in himTake but good note, and you shall see in himAC I.i.11
(The triple Pillar of the world) transform'dThe triple pillar of the world transformedAC I.i.12
Into a Strumpets Foole. Behold and see.Into a strumpet's fool. Behold and see.AC I.i.13
Sir sometimes when he is not Anthony,Sir, sometimes, when he is not Antony,AC I.i.57
He comes too short of that great PropertyHe comes too short of that great propertyAC I.i.58
Which still should go with Anthony.Which still should go with Antony.AC I.i.59.1

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