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Gods, & Goddesses,Gods and goddesses,AC III.x.4.2
all the whol synod of them!All the whole synod of them!AC III.x.5.1
The greater Cantle of the world, is lostThe greater cantle of the world is lostAC III.x.6
With very ignorance, we haue kist awayWith very ignorance. We have kissed awayAC III.x.7
Kingdomes, and Prouinces.Kingdoms and provinces.AC III.x.8.1
On our side, like the Token'd Pestilence,On our side like the tokened pestilence,AC III.x.9
Where death is sure. Yon ribaudred Nagge of Egypt,Where death is sure. Yon ribaudred nag of Egypt – AC III.x.10
(Whom Leprosie o're-take) i'th'midst o'th'fight,Whom leprosy o'ertake! – i'th' midst o'th' fight,AC III.x.11
When vantage like a payre of Twinnes appear'dWhen vantage like a pair of twins appeared,AC III.x.12
Both as the same, or rather ours the elder;Both as the same, or rather ours the elder,AC III.x.13
(The Breeze vpon her) like a Cow in Inne, The breese upon her, like a cow in June,AC III.x.14
Hoists Sailes, and flyes.Hoists sails and flies.AC III.x.15.1
She once being looft,She once being loofed,AC III.x.17.2
The Noble ruine of her Magicke, Anthony,The noble ruin of her magic, Antony,AC III.x.18
Claps on his Sea-wing, and (like a doting Mallard)Claps on his sea wing and, like a doting mallard,AC III.x.19
Leauing the Fight in heighth, flyes after her:Leaving the fight in height, flies after her.AC III.x.20
I neuer saw an Action of such shame;I never saw an action of such shame.AC III.x.21
Experience, Man-hood, Honor, ne're before,Experience, manhood, honour, ne'er beforeAC III.x.22
Did violate so it selfe.Did violate so itself.AC III.x.23.1
'Tis easie toot, / And there I will attend'Tis easy to't; and there I will attendAC III.x.31
what further comes.What further comes.AC III.x.32.1
O my braue Emperor, this is fought indeed,O my brave emperor, this is fought indeed!AC IV.vii.4
Had we done so at first, we had drouen them homeHad we done so at first, we had droven them homeAC IV.vii.5
With clowts about their heads. With clouts about their heads.AC IV.vii.6.1
I had a wound heere that was like a T,I had a wound here that was like a T,AC IV.vii.7
But now 'tis made an H.But now 'tis made an H.AC IV.vii.8.1
Wee'l beat'em into Bench-holes, I haue yetWe'll beat 'em into bench-holes. I have yetAC IV.vii.9
Roome for six scotches more.Room for six scotches more.AC IV.vii.10
Let vs score their backes,Let us score their backsAC IV.vii.13.2
And snatch 'em vp, as we take Hares behinde,And snatch 'em up, as we take hares, behind.AC IV.vii.14
'Tis sport to maul a Runner.'Tis sport to maul a runner.AC IV.vii.15.1
Ile halt after. I'll halt after.AC IV.vii.17.2
For both, my Lord.For both, my lord.AC IV.x.2.2
Swallowes haue builtSwallows have builtAC IV.xii.3.2
In Cleopatra's Sailes their nests. The AuguriesIn Cleopatra's sails their nests. The augurersAC IV.xii.4
Say, they know not, they cannot tell, looke grimly,Say they know not, they cannot tell, look grimly,AC IV.xii.5
And dare not speake their knowledge. Anthony,And dare not speak their knowledge. AntonyAC IV.xii.6
Is valiant, and deiected, and by startsIs valiant, and dejected, and by startsAC IV.xii.7
His fretted Fortunes giue him hope and feareHis fretted fortunes give him hope and fearAC IV.xii.8
Of what he has, and has not.Of what he has and has not.AC IV.xii.9.1

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