Original textModern textKey line
It will determine one way: Fare you well.It will determine one way. Fare you well.AC IV.iii.2
Heard you of nothing strange about the streets.Heard you of nothing strange about the streets?AC IV.iii.3
Belike 'tis but a Rumour, good nightBelike 'tis but a rumour. Good nightAC IV.iii.5
to you.AC IV.iii.6
Souldiers, haue carefull Watch.Soldiers, have careful watch.AC IV.iii.8
Heere we: and if to morrowHere we. An if tomorrowAC IV.iii.10
Our Nauie thriue, I haue an absolute hopeOur navy thrive, I have an absolute hopeAC IV.iii.11
Our Landmen will stand vp.Our landmen will stand up.AC IV.iii.12.1
Peace, what noise?Peace! What noise?AC IV.iii.13.2
Hearke.Hark!AC IV.iii.14.1
'Tis the God Hercules, whom Anthony loued,'Tis the god Hercules, whom Antony loved,AC IV.iii.17
Now leaues him.Now leaves him.AC IV.iii.18.1
How now Maisters? How now, masters?AC IV.iii.20
Omnes. ALL 
How now? how now? do youHow now? How now? Do youAC IV.iii.21
heare this?hear this?AC IV.iii.22
Omnes. ALL
Content: 'Tis strange. Content. 'Tis strange.AC IV.iii.27
Good morrow Generall.Good morrow, General.AC IV.iv.25.1

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