Original textModern textKey line
If we be not releeu'd within this houre,If we be not relieved within this hour,AC IV.ix.1
We must returne to'th'Court of Guard: the nightWe must return to th' court of guard. The nightAC IV.ix.2
Is shiny, and they say, we shall embattaileIs shiny, and they say we shall embattleAC IV.ix.3
By'th'second houre i'th'Morne.By th' second hour i'th' morn.AC IV.ix.4.1
Enobarbus?Enobarbus?AC IV.ix.10.2
Let's heare him, for the things he speakesLet's hear him, for the things he speaksAC IV.ix.24
May concerne Casar.May concern Caesar.AC IV.ix.25.1
Swoonds rather, for so bad a Prayer as hisSwoons rather, for so bad a prayer as hisAC IV.ix.26
Was neuer yet for sleepe.Was never yet for sleep.AC IV.ix.27.1
The hand of death hath raught him.The hand of death hath raught him.AC IV.ix.29.1
Hearke the DrummesHark! The drumsAC IV.ix.29.2
demurely wake the sleepers: / Let vs beare himDemurely wake the sleepers. Let us bear himAC IV.ix.30
to'th'Court of Guard: he is of note: / Our houreTo th' court of guard; he is of note. Our hourAC IV.ix.31
is fully out.Is fully out.AC IV.ix.32

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