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Oh Noble Emperor, do not fight by Sea,O noble emperor, do not fight by sea.AC III.vii.61
Trust not to rotten plankes: Do you misdoubtTrust not to rotten planks. Do you misdoubtAC III.vii.62
This Sword, and these my Wounds; let th'EgyptiansThis sword and these my wounds? Let th' EgyptiansAC III.vii.63
And the Phonicians go a ducking: weeAnd the Phoenicians go a-ducking; weAC III.vii.64
Haue vs'd to conquer standing on the earth,Have used to conquer standing on the earthAC III.vii.65
And fighting foot to foot.And fighting foot to foot.AC III.vii.66.1
By Hercules I thinke I am i'th' right.By Hercules, I think I am i'th' right.AC III.vii.67
You keepe by LandYou keep by landAC III.vii.70.2
the Legions and the Horse whole, do you not?The legions and the horse whole, do you not?AC III.vii.71
While he was yet in Rome,While he was yet in Rome,AC III.vii.75.2
His power went out in such distractions, / AsHis power went out in such distractions asAC III.vii.76
beguilde all Spies.Beguiled all spies.AC III.vii.77.1
They say, one Towrus.They say one Taurus.AC III.vii.78.1
A thousand Sir,A thousand, sir,AC IV.iv.21.2
early though't be, haue on their / Riueted trim,Early though't be, have on their riveted trim,AC IV.iv.22
and at the Port expect you. And at the port expect you.AC IV.iv.23
The Gods make this a happy day to Anthony.The gods make this a happy day to Antony!AC IV.v.1
Had''st thou done so,Hadst thou done so,AC IV.v.3.2
The Kings that haue reuolted, and the SoldierThe kings that have revolted, and the soldierAC IV.v.4
That has this morning left thee, would haue stillThat has this morning left thee, would have stillAC IV.v.5
Followed thy heeles.Followed thy heels.AC IV.v.6.1
Who?Who?AC IV.v.6.3
one euer neere thee, call for Enobarbus,One ever near thee; call for Enobarbus,AC IV.v.7
He shall not heare thee, or from Casars Campe,He shall not hear thee, or from Caesar's campAC IV.v.8
Say I am none of thine.Say ‘ I am none of thine.’AC IV.v.9.1
SirSir,AC IV.v.9.3
he is with Casar.He is with Caesar.AC IV.v.10.1
Most certaine.Most certain.AC IV.v.11.3
Enobarbus, AnthonyEnobarbus, AntonyAC

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