Original textModern textKey line
Why Masters, haue your Instruments bin inWhy, masters, have your instruments been inOth III.i.3
Naples, that they speake i'th'Nose thus?Naples, that they speak i'th' nose thus?Oth III.i.4
Are these I pray you, winde Instruments?Are these, I pray you, wind instruments?Oth III.i.6
Oh, thereby hangs a tale.O, thereby hangs a tail.Oth III.i.8
Marry sir, by many a winde Instrument that IMarry, sir, by many a wind instrument that IOth III.i.10
know. But Masters, heere's money for you: and theknow. But, masters, here's money for you: and theOth III.i.11
Generall so likes your Musick, that he desires you forGeneral so likes your music that he desires you, forOth III.i.12
loues sake to make no more noise with's sake, to make no more noise with it.Oth III.i.13
If you haue any Musicke that may not be heard,If you have any music that may not be heard,Oth III.i.15
too't againe. But (as they say) to heare Musicke, the Generallto't again. But, as they say, to hear music the GeneralOth III.i.16
do's not greatly care.does not greatly care.Oth III.i.17
Then put vp your Pipes in your bagge, for IleThen put up your pipes in your bag, for I'llOth III.i.19
away. Go, vanish into ayre, away. away. Go, vanish into air, away.Oth III.i.20
No, I heare not your honest Friend: / I heare you.No, I hear not your honest friend: I hear you.Oth III.i.22
She is stirring sir: if she will stirre hither, I shallShe is stirring, sir. If she will stir hither, I shallOth III.i.27
seeme to notifie vnto her. seem to notify unto her.Oth III.i.28
I dare not say he lies any where.I dare not say he lies anywhere.Oth III.iv.3
He's a Soldier, and for me to say a Souldier lyes, 'tis He's a soldier, and for one to say a soldier lies isOth III.iv.5
stabbing.stabbing.Oth III.iv.6
To tell you where he lodges, is to tel you where ITo tell you where he lodges is to tell you where IOth III.iv.8
lye.lie.Oth III.iv.9
I know not where he lodges, and for mee to deuise aI know not where he lodges, and for me to devise aOth III.iv.11
lodging, and say he lies heere, or he lies there, were to lyelodging, and say he lies here, or he lies there, were to lieOth III.iv.12
in mine owne mine own throat.Oth III.iv.13
I will Catechize the world for him, that is, makeI will catechize the world for him, that is, makeOth III.iv.16
Questions, and by them answer.questions, and by them answer.Oth III.iv.17
To do this, is within the compasse of mans Wit, andTo do this is within the compass of man's wit, andOth III.iv.21
therefore I will attempt the doing it. therefore I will attempt the doing of it.Oth III.iv.22

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