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There's no composition in this Newes,There is no composition in these newsOth I.iii.1
That giues them Credite.That gives them credit.Oth I.iii.2.1
And mine a Hundred fortie.And mine, a hundred and forty.Oth I.iii.4.1
Nay, it is possible enough to iudgement:Nay, it is possible enough to judgement:Oth I.iii.9
I do not so secure me in the Error,I do not so secure me in the error,Oth I.iii.10
But the maine Article I do approueBut the main article I do approveOth I.iii.11
In fearefull sense.In fearful sense.Oth I.iii.12.1
Now? What's the businesse?Now, what's the business?Oth I.iii.13.2
How say you by this change?How say you by this change?Oth I.iii.17.1
Nay, in all confidence he's not for Rhodes.Nay, in all confidence he's not for Rhodes.Oth I.iii.31
'Tis certaine then for Cyprus:'Tis certain then for Cyprus.Oth I.iii.43
Marcus Luccicos is not he in Towne?Marcus Luccicos, is not he in town?Oth I.iii.44
Write from vs, / To him,Write from us: wish himOth I.iii.45.2
Post, Post-haste, dispatch.Post-post-haste dispatch.Oth I.iii.46
Valiant Othello, we must straight employ youValiant Othello, we must straight employ youOth I.iii.48
Against the generall Enemy Ottoman.Against the general enemy Ottoman.Oth I.iii.49
I did not see you: welcome gentle Signior,(To Brabantio) I did not see you: welcome, gentle signor;Oth I.iii.50
We lack't your Counsaile, and your helpe to night.We lacked your counsel and your help tonight.Oth I.iii.51
Why? What's the matter?Why? What's the matter?Oth I.iii.58.2
Dead?Dead?Oth I.iii.59.2
Who ere he be, that in this foule proceedingWhoe'er he be that in this foul proceedingOth I.iii.65
Hath thus beguil'd your Daughter of her selfe,Hath thus beguiled your daughter of herselfOth I.iii.66
And you of her; the bloodie Booke of Law,And you of her, the bloody book of lawOth I.iii.67
You shall your selfe read, in the bitter letter,You shall yourself read in the bitter letterOth I.iii.68
After your owne sense: yea, though our proper SonAfter your own sense, yea, though our proper sonOth I.iii.69
Stood in your Action.Stood in your action.Oth I.iii.70.1
What in yonr owne part, can you say to this?What in your own part can you say to this?Oth I.iii.74
To vouch this, is no proofe,To vouch this is no proof,Oth I.iii.106.2
Without more wider, and more ouer TestWithout more wider and more overt testOth I.iii.107
Then these thin habits, and poore likely-hoodsThan these thin habits and poor likelihoodsOth I.iii.108
Of moderne seeming, do prefer against him.Of modern seeming do prefer against him.Oth I.iii.109
Fetch Desdemona hither.Fetch Desdemona hither.Oth I.iii.120.2
Say it Othello.Say it, Othello.Oth I.iii.126.2
I thinke this tale would win my Daughter too,I think this tale would win my daughter too.Oth I.iii.170
Good Brabantio, take vp this mangled matter at the best:Good Brabantio, take up this mangled matter at the best:Oth I.iii.171
Men do their broken Weapons rather vse,Men do their broken weapons rather useOth I.iii.172
Then their bare hands.Than their bare hands.Oth I.iii.173.1
Let me speake like your selfe: / And lay a Sentence,Let me speak like yourself and lay a sentenceOth I.iii.197
Which as a grise, or step may helpe these Louers.Which as a grise or step may help these loversOth I.iii.198
Into your favour.Oth I.iii.199
When remedies are past, the griefes are endedWhen remedies are past the griefs are endedOth I.iii.200
By seeing the worst, which late on hopes depended.By seeing the worst which late on hopes depended.Oth I.iii.201
To mourne a Mischeefe that is past and gon,To mourn a mischief that is past and goneOth I.iii.202
Is the next way to draw new mischiefe on.Is the next way to draw new mischief on.Oth I.iii.203
What cannot be presern'd, when Fortune takes:What cannot be preserved when fortune takes,Oth I.iii.204
Patience, her Iniury a mock'ry makes.Patience her injury a mockery makes.Oth I.iii.205
The rob'd that smiles, steales something from the Thiefe,The robbed that smiles steals something from the thief;Oth I.iii.206
He robs himselfe, that spends a bootelesse griefe.He robs himself that spends a bootless grief.Oth I.iii.207
The Turke with a most mighty Preparation makes forThe Turk with a most mighty preparation makes forOth I.iii.219
Cyprus: Othello, the Fortitude of the place is best knowneCyprus. Othello, the fortitude of the place is best knownOth I.iii.220
to you. And though we haue there a Substitute of most to you: and though we have there a substitute of mostOth I.iii.221
allowed sufficiencie; yet opinion, a more soueraigne Mistrisallowed sufficiency, yet opinion, a more sovereign mistressOth I.iii.222
of Effects, throwes a more safer voice on you: youof effects, throws a more safer voice on you. YouOth I.iii.223
must therefore be content to slubber the glosse of yourmust therefore be content to slubber the gloss of yourOth I.iii.224
new Fortunes, with this more stubborne, and boystrousnew fortunes with this more stubborn and boisterousOth I.iii.225
expedition.expedition.Oth I.iii.226
If you please,Oth I.iii.237.2
Why at her Fathers?Be't at her father's.Oth I.iii.238.1
What would you Desdemona?What would you? Speak.Oth I.iii.244.2
Be it as you shall priuately determine,Be it as you shall privately determine,Oth I.iii.272
Either for her stay, or going: th'Affaire cries hast:Either for her stay, or going. Th' affair cries haste,Oth I.iii.273
And speed must answer it. Sen.You must away to night.And speed must answer it. You must hence tonight.Oth I.iii.274
This night.Oth I.iii.275.2
At nine i'th'morning, here wee'l meete againe.At nine i'th' morning, here we'll meet again.Oth I.iii.276
Othello, leaue some Officer behindOthello, leave some officer behind,Oth I.iii.277
And he shall our Commission bring to you:And he shall our commission bring to you,Oth I.iii.278
And such things else of qualitie and respectWith such things else of quality and respectOth I.iii.279
As doth import you.As doth import you.Oth I.iii.280.1
Let it be so:Let it be so.Oth I.iii.284.2
Good night to euery one. And Noble Signior,Good night to everyone. And, noble signor,Oth I.iii.285
If Vertue no delighted Beautie lacke,If virtue no delighted beauty lack,Oth I.iii.286
Your Son-in-law is farre more Faire then Blacke.Your son-in-law is far more fair than black.Oth I.iii.287

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