Original textModern textKey line
Indeed, they are disproportioned;Indeed they are disproportioned.Oth I.iii.2.2
My Letters say, a Hundred and seuen Gallies.My letters say a hundred and seven galleys.Oth I.iii.3
This cannot beThis cannot be,Oth I.iii.17.2
By no assay of reason. 'Tis a PageantBy no assay of reason. 'Tis a pageantOth I.iii.18
To keepe vs in false gaze, when we considerTo keep us in false gaze. When we considerOth I.iii.19
Th'importancie of Cyprus to the Turke;Th' importancy of Cyprus to the Turk,Oth I.iii.20
And let our selues againe but vnderstand,And let ourselves again but understandOth I.iii.21
That as it more concernes the Turke then Rhodes,That as it more concerns the Turk than Rhodes,Oth I.iii.22
So may he with more facile question beare it,So may he with more facile question bear it,Oth I.iii.23
For that it stands not in such Warrelike brace,For that it stands not in such warlike brace,Oth I.iii.24
But altogether lackes th'abilitiesBut altogether lacks th' abilitiesOth I.iii.25
That Rhodes is dress'd in. If we make thought of this,That Rhodes is dressed in. If we make thought of this,Oth I.iii.26
We must not thinke the Turke is so vnskillfull,We must not think the Turk is so unskilfulOth I.iii.27
To leaue that latest, which concernes him first,To leave that latest which concerns him first,Oth I.iii.28
Neglecting an attempt of ease, and gaineNeglecting an attempt of ease and gainOth I.iii.29
To wake, and wage a danger profitlesse.To wake and wage a danger profitless.Oth I.iii.30
I, so I thought: how many, as you guesse?Ay, so I thought. How many, as you guess?Oth I.iii.36
He's now in Florence.He's now in Florence.Oth I.iii.45.1
Here comes Brabantio, and the Valiant Moore.Here comes Brabantio and the valiant Moor.Oth I.iii.47
Dead?Dead?Oth I.iii.59.2
But Othello, speake,But, Othello, speak:Oth I.iii.110
Did you, by indirect, and forced coursesDid you by indirect and forced coursesOth I.iii.111
Subdue, and poyson this yong Maides affections?Subdue and poison this young maid's affections?Oth I.iii.112
Or came it by request, and such faire questionOr came it by request and such fair questionOth I.iii.113
As soule, to soule affordeth?As soul to soul affordeth?Oth I.iii.114.1
Adieu braue Moore, vse Desdemona well.Adieu, brave Moor: use Desdemona well.Oth I.iii.288

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