Original textModern textKey line
The Ottamites. Reueren'd, and Gracious,The Ottomites, reverend and gracious,Oth I.iii.33
Steering with due course toward the Ile of Rhodes,Steering with due course towards the isle of Rhodes,Oth I.iii.34
Haue there inioynted them with an after Fleete.Have there injointed with an after fleet.Oth I.iii.35
Of thirtie Saile: and now they do re-stemOf thirty sail; and now they do re-stemOth I.iii.37
Their backward course, bearing with frank appearanceTheir backward course, bearing with frank appearanceOth I.iii.38
Their purposes toward Cyprus. Signior Montano,Their purposes toward Cyprus. Signor Montano,Oth I.iii.39
Your trustie and most Valiant Seruitour,Your trusty and most valiant servitor,Oth I.iii.40
With his free dutie, recommends you thus,With his free duty recommends you thus,Oth I.iii.41
And prayes you to beleeue him.And prays you to believe him.Oth I.iii.42

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