Original textModern textKey line
A Segregation of the Turkish Fleet:A segregation of the Turkish fleet:Oth II.i.10
For do but stand vpon the Foaming Shore,For do but stand upon the banning shore,Oth II.i.11
The chidden Billow seemes to pelt the Clowds,The chidden billow seems to pelt the clouds;Oth II.i.12
The winde-shak'd-Surge, with high & monstrous MaineThe wind-shaked surge, with high and monstrous mane,Oth II.i.13
Seemes to cast water on the burning Beare,Seems to cast water on the burning BearOth II.i.14
And quench the Guards of th'euer-fixed Pole:And quench the guards of th' ever-fixed Pole.Oth II.i.15
I neuer did like mollestation viewI never did like molestation viewOth II.i.16
On the enchafed Flood.On the enchafed flood.Oth II.i.17.1
They do discharge their Shot of Courtesie,They do discharge their shot of courtesy:Oth II.i.56
Our Friends, at least.Our friends at least.Oth II.i.57.1
I shall. I shall.Oth II.i.59
'Tis one Iago, Auncient to the Generall.'Tis one Iago, Ancient to the General.Oth II.i.66

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