Original textModern textKey line
Newes Laddes: our warres are done:News, lads! Our wars are done:Oth II.i.20
The desperate Tempest hath so bang'd the Turkes,The desperate tempest hath so banged the TurksOth II.i.21
That their designement halts. A Noble ship of Venice,That their designment halts. A noble ship of VeniceOth II.i.22
Hath seene a greeuous wracke and sufferanceHath seen a grievous wrack and sufferanceOth II.i.23
On most part of their Fleet.On most part of their fleet.Oth II.i.24
The Ship is heere put in : The ship is here put in,Oth II.i.25.2
A Verennessa, Michael CassioA Veronesa; Michael Cassio,Oth II.i.26
Lieutenant to the warlike Moore, Othello,Lieutenant to the warlike Moor, Othello,Oth II.i.27
Is come on Shore: the Moore himselfe at Sea,Is come on shore; the Moor himself at sea,Oth II.i.28
And is in full Commission heere for Cyprus.And is in full commission here for Cyprus.Oth II.i.29
But this same Cassio, though he speake of comfort,But this same Cassio, though he speak of comfortOth II.i.31
Touching the Turkish losse, yet he lookes sadly,Touching the Turkish loss, yet he looks sadlyOth II.i.32
And praye the Moore be safe; for they were partedAnd prays the Moor be safe; for they were partedOth II.i.33
With fowle and violent Tempest.With foul and violent tempest.Oth II.i.34.1
Come, let's do so;Come, let's do so;Oth II.i.40.2
For euery Minute is expectancieFor every minute is expectancyOth II.i.41
Of more Arriuancie.Of more arrivance.Oth II.i.42
Excellent well.Excellent well.Oth II.iii.111