Original textModern textKey line
Queene Hecuba, and Hellen.Queen Hecuba and Helen.TC I.ii.1.2
Vp to the Easterne Tower,Up to the eastern tower,TC I.ii.2.2
Whose height commands as subiect all the vaile,Whose height commands as subject all the vale,TC I.ii.3
To see the battell: Hector whose pacience,To see the battle. Hector, whose patienceTC I.ii.4
Is as a Vertue fixt, to day was mou'd:Is as a virtue fixed, today was moved:TC I.ii.5
He chides Andromache and strooke his Armorer,He chid Andromache, and struck his armourer;TC I.ii.6
And like as there were husbandry in WarreAnd, like as there were husbandry in war,TC I.ii.7
Before the Sunne rose, hee was harnest lyte,Before the sun rose he was harnessed light,TC I.ii.8
And to the field goe's he; where euery flowerAnd to the field goes he; where every flowerTC I.ii.9
Did as a Prophet weepe what it forsaw,Did as a prophet weep what it foresawTC I.ii.10
In Hectors wrath.In Hector's wrath.TC I.ii.11.1
The noise goe's this; / There is among the Greekes,The noise goes, this: there is among the GreeksTC I.ii.12
A Lord of Troian blood, Nephew to Hector,A lord of Trojan blood, nephew to Hector;TC I.ii.13
They call him Aiax.They call him Ajax.TC I.ii.14.1
They say he is a very man per se They say he is a very man per se,TC I.ii.15
and stands alone.And stands alone.TC I.ii.16
This man Lady, hath rob'd many beastsThis man, lady, hath robbed many beastsTC I.ii.19
of their particular additions, he is as valiant as the Lyon,of their particular additions: he is as valiant as the lion,TC I.ii.20
churlish as the Beare, slow as the Elephant: a man intochurlish as the bear, slow as the elephant; a man intoTC I.ii.21
whom nature hath so crowded humors, that his valourwhom nature hath so crowded humours that his valourTC I.ii.22
is crusht into folly, his folly sauced with discretion:is crushed into folly, his folly sauced with discretion.TC I.ii.23
there is no man hath a vertue, that he hath not aThere is no man hath a virtue that he hath not aTC I.ii.24
glimpse of, nor any man an attaint, but he carries some glimpse of, nor any man an attaint but he carries someTC I.ii.25
staine of it. He is melancholy without cause, and merrystain of it. He is melancholy without cause, and merryTC I.ii.26
against the haire, hee hath the ioynts of euery thing, butagainst the hair; he hath the joints of everything, butTC I.ii.27
euery thing so out ot ioynt, that hee is a gowtie Briareus, everything so out of joint that he is a gouty Briareus,TC I.ii.28
many hands and no vse; or purblinded Argus, all eyesmany hands and no use, or purblind Argus, all eyesTC I.ii.29
and no sight.and no sight.TC I.ii.30
They say he yesterday cop'd Hector in theThey say he yesterday coped Hector in theTC I.ii.33
battell and stroke him downe, the disdaind & shamebattle and struck him down, the disdain and shameTC I.ii.34
whereof, hath euer since kept Hector fasting andwhereof hath ever since kept Hector fasting andTC I.ii.35
waking.waking.TC I.ii.36
Madam your Vncle Pandarus.Madam, your uncle Pandarus.TC I.ii.38
As may be in the world Lady.As may be in the world, lady.TC I.ii.40