Original textModern textKey line
After so many houres, liues, speeches spent,After so many hours, lives, speeches spent,TC II.ii.1
Thus once againe sayes Nestor from the Greekes,Thus once again says Nestor from the Greeks:TC II.ii.2
Deliuer Helen, and all damage elseDeliver Helen, and all damage else – TC II.ii.3
(As honour, losse of time, trauaile, expence,As honour, loss of time, travail, expense,TC II.ii.4
Wounds, friends, and what els deere that is consum'dWounds, friends, and what else dear that is consumedTC II.ii.5
In hot digestion of this comorant Warre)In hot digestion of this cormorant war – TC II.ii.6
Shall be stroke off. Hector, what say you too't.Shall be struck off.’ Hector, what say you to't?TC II.ii.7
What noyse? what shreeke is this?What noise? What shriek is this?TC II.ii.98.2
Paris, you speakeParis, you speakTC II.ii.143.2
Like one be-sotted on your sweet delights;Like one besotted on your sweet delights.TC II.ii.144
You haue the Hony still, but these the Gall,You have the honey still, but these the gall;TC II.ii.145
So to be valiant, is no praise at all.So to be valiant is no praise at all.TC II.ii.146
Come Hector, come, goe backe:Come, Hector, come; go back.TC V.iii.62.2
Thy wife hath dreampt: thy mother hath had visions;Thy wife hath dreamed, thy mother hath had visions,TC V.iii.63
Cassandra doth foresee; and I my selfe,Cassandra doth foresee, and I myselfTC V.iii.64
Am like a Prophet suddenly enrapt,Am like a prophet suddenly enrapt,TC V.iii.65
to tell thee that this day is ominous:To tell thee that this day is ominous.TC V.iii.66
Therefore come backe.Therefore, come back.TC V.iii.67.1
I, but thou shalt not goe,Ay, but thou shalt not go.TC V.iii.70.2
Farewell: the gods with safetie stand about thee. Farewell; the gods with safety stand about thee!TC V.iii.94