Original textModern textKey line
Oh my good Lord,the Duke of Cornwals dead,O, my good lord, the Duke of Cornwall's dead,KL IV.ii.70
Slaine by his Seruant, going to put outSlain by his servant, going to put outKL IV.ii.71
The other eye of Glouster.The other eye of Gloucester.KL IV.ii.72.1
A Seruant that he bred, thrill'd with remorse,A servant that he bred, thrilled with remorse,KL IV.ii.73
Oppos'd against the act: bending his SwordOpposed against the act, bending his swordKL IV.ii.74
To his great Master, who, threat-enrag'dTo his great master; who, thereat enraged,KL IV.ii.75
Flew on him, and among'st them fell'd him dead,Flew on him and amongst them felled him dead,KL IV.ii.76
But not without that harmefull stroke, which sinceBut not without that harmful stroke which sinceKL IV.ii.77
Hath pluckt him after.Hath plucked him after.KL IV.ii.78.1
Both, both, my Lord.Both, both, my lord.KL IV.ii.81.2
This Leter Madam, craues a speedy answer:This letter, madam, craves a speedy answer.KL IV.ii.82
'Tis from your Sister.'Tis from your sister.KL IV.ii.83.1
Come with my Lady hither.Come with my lady hither.KL IV.ii.89.1
No my good Lord, I met him backe againe.No, my good lord; I met him back again.KL IV.ii.90
I my good Lord: 'twas he inform'd against himAy, my good lord. 'Twas he informed against him,KL IV.ii.92
And quit the house on purpose, that their punishmentAnd quit the house on purpose that their punishmentKL IV.ii.93
Might haue the freer course.Might have the freer course.KL IV.ii.94.1
Newes Madam,News, madam:KL IV.iv.20.2
The Brittish Powres are marching hitherward.The British powers are marching hitherward.KL IV.iv.21
Edmund is dead my Lord.Edmund is dead, my lord.KL V.iii.293.1