Original textModern textKey line
Heere Master: What cheere?Here, Master. What cheer?Tem I.i.2
Heigh my hearts, cheerely, cheerely myHeigh, my hearts! Cheerly, cheerly, myTem I.i.5
harts: yare, yare: Take in the toppe-sale: Tend tohearts! Yare, yare! Take in the topsail! Tend toTem I.i.6
th' Masters whistle: Blow till thou burst thy winde, ifth' Master's whistle! – Blow till thou burst thy wind, ifTem I.i.7
room enough.Tem I.i.8
I pray now keepe below.I pray now, keep below.Tem I.i.11
Do you not heare him? you marre our labour,Do you not hear him? You mar our labour.Tem I.i.13
Keepe your Cabines: you do assist the storme.Keep your cabins! You do assist the storm.Tem I.i.14
When the Sea is: hence, what cares theseWhen the sea is. Hence! What cares theseTem I.i.16
roarers for the name of King? to Cabine; silence:roarers for the name of king? To cabin! Silence!Tem I.i.17
trouble vs not.Trouble us not.Tem I.i.18
None that I more loue then my selfe. You areNone that I more love than myself. You areTem I.i.20
a Counsellor, if you can command these Elements toa councillor. If you can command these elements toTem I.i.21
silence, and worke the peace of the present, wee will notsilence, and work the peace of the present, we will notTem I.i.22
hand a rope more, vse your authoritie: If you cannot,hand a rope more. Use your authority. If you cannot,Tem I.i.23
giue thankes you haue liu'd so long, and make your selfegive thanks you have lived so long, and make yourselfTem I.i.24
readie in your Cabine for the mischance of the houre, if itready in your cabin for the mischance of the hour, if itTem I.i.25
so hap. Cheerely good hearts: out of our way Iso hap. – Cheerly, good hearts! – Out of our way, ITem I.i.26
say.say!Tem I.i.27
Downe with the top-Mast: yare, lower,Down with the topmast! Yare! Lower,Tem I.i.34
lower, bring her to Try with Maine-course.lower! Bring her to try with main-course.Tem I.i.35
A plague --- vpon this howling: they are lowder then theA plague upon this howling! They are louder than theTem I.i.36
weather, or our office:weather, or our office.Tem I.i.37
yet againe? What do you heere? Shal we giue ore andYet again? What do you here? Shall we give o'er andTem I.i.38
drowne, haue you a minde to sinke?drown? Have you a mind to sink?Tem I.i.39
Worke you then.Work you, then.Tem I.i.42
Lay her a hold, a hold, set her two coursesLay her a-hold, a-hold! Set her two courses!Tem I.i.48
off to Sea againe, lay her off.Off to sea again! Lay her off!Tem I.i.49
What must our mouths be cold?What, must our mouths be cold?Tem I.i.51
The best newes is, that we haue safely foundThe best news is that we have safely foundTem V.i.221
Our King, and company: The next: our Ship,Our King and company; the next, our ship – Tem V.i.222
Which but three glasses since, we gaue out split,Which, but three glasses since, we gave out split – Tem V.i.223
Is tyte, and yare, and brauely rig'd, as whenIs tight and yare and bravely rigged, as whenTem V.i.224
We first put out to Sea.We first put out to sea.Tem V.i.225.1
If I did thinke, Sir, I were well awake,If I did think, sir, I were well awake,Tem V.i.229
I'ld striue to tell you: we were dead of sleepe,I'd strive to tell you. We were dead of sleepTem V.i.230
And (how we know not) all clapt vnder hatches,And – how we know not – all clapped under hatches,Tem V.i.231
Where, but euen now, with strange, and seuerall noysesWhere, but even now, with strange and several noisesTem V.i.232
Of roring, shreeking, howling, gingling chaines,Of roaring, shrieking, howling, jingling chains,Tem V.i.233
And mo diuersitie of sounds, all horrible.And more diversity of sounds, all horrible,Tem V.i.234
We were awak'd: straight way, at liberty;We were awaked; straightway at liberty;Tem V.i.235
Where we, in all our trim, freshly beheldWhere we, in all our trim, freshly beheldTem V.i.236
Our royall, good, and gallant Ship: our MasterOur royal, good, and gallant ship, our MasterTem V.i.237
Capring to eye her: on a trice, so please you,Cap'ring to eye her. On a trice, so please you,Tem V.i.238
Euen in a dreame, were we diuided from them,Even in a dream, were we divided from them,Tem V.i.239
And were brought moaping hither.And were brought moping hither.Tem V.i.240.1