Original textModern textKey line
Wee are sent,We are sentMac I.iii.99.2
To giue thee from our Royall Master thanks,To give thee from our royal master thanks;Mac I.iii.100
Onely to harrold thee into his sight,Only to herald thee into his sight,Mac I.iii.101
Not pay thee.Not pay thee.Mac I.iii.102
Who was the Thane, liues yet,Who was the Thane lives yet,Mac I.iii.108.2
But vnder heauie Iudgement beares that Life,But under heavy judgement bears that lifeMac I.iii.109
Which he deserues to loose. / Whether he was combin'dWhich he deserves to lose. Whether he was combinedMac I.iii.110
with those of Norway, / Or did lyne the RebellWith those of Norway, or did line the rebelMac I.iii.111
with hidden helpe, / And vantage; or that with bothWith hidden help and vantage, or that with bothMac I.iii.112
he labour'd / In his Countreyes wracke, I know not:He laboured in his country's wrack, I know not;Mac I.iii.113
But Treasons Capitall, confess'd, and prou'd,But treasons capital, confessed, and provedMac I.iii.114
Haue ouerthrowne him.Have overthrown him.Mac I.iii.115.1
Neere Byrnan woodNear Birnan WoodMac V.ii.5.2
Shall we well meet them, that way are they comming.Shall we well meet them; that way are they coming.Mac V.ii.6
Now do's he feeleNow does he feelMac V.ii.16.2
His secret Murthers sticking on his hands,His secret murders sticking on his hands;Mac V.ii.17
Now minutely Reuolts vpbraid his Faith-breach:Now minutely revolts upbraid his faith-breach.Mac V.ii.18
Those he commands, moue onely in command,Those he commands move only in command,Mac V.ii.19
Nothing in loue: Now do's he feele his TitleNothing in love. Now does he feel his titleMac V.ii.20
Hang loose about him, like a Giants RobeHang loose about him like a giant's robeMac V.ii.21
Vpon a dwarfish Theefe.Upon a dwarfish thief.Mac V.ii.22.1