Original textModern textKey line
I Sir: there are a crew of wretched SoulesAy, sir. There are a crew of wretched soulsMac IV.iii.141
That stay his Cure: their malady conuincesThat stay his cure. Their malady convincesMac IV.iii.142
The great assay of Art. But at his touch,The great assay of art; but at his touch,Mac IV.iii.143
Such sanctity hath Heauen giuen his hand,Such sanctity hath heaven given his hand,Mac IV.iii.144
They presently amend. Exit.They presently amend.Mac IV.iii.145.1
I haue too Nights watch'd with you, but canI have two nights watched with you, but canMac V.i.1
perceiue no truth in your report. When was it shee lastperceive no truth in your report. When was it she lastMac V.i.2
walk'd?walked?Mac V.i.3
A great perturbation in Nature, to receyue at onceA great perturbation in nature, to receive at onceMac V.i.9
the benefit of sleep, and do the effects of watching. Inthe benefit of sleep and do the effects of watching. InMac V.i.10
this slumbry agitation, besides her walking, and otherthis slumbery agitation, besides her walking and otherMac V.i.11
actuall performances, what (at any time) haue you heardactual performances, what, at any time, have you heardMac V.i.12
her say?her say?Mac V.i.13
You may to me, and 'tis most meet you should.You may to me; and 'tis most meet you should.Mac V.i.16
How came she by that light?How came she by that light?Mac V.i.21
You see her eyes are open.You see her eyes are open.Mac V.i.24
What is it she do's now? Looke how she rubbes herWhat is it she does now? Look how she rubs herMac V.i.26
hands.hands.Mac V.i.27
Heark, she speaks, I will set downe what comesHark! She speaks. I will set down what comesMac V.i.32
from her, to satisfie my remembrance the more strongly.from her, to satisfy my remembrance the more strongly.Mac V.i.33
Do you marke that?Do you mark that?Mac V.i.40
Go too, go too: You haue knowne what you shouldGo to, go to: you have known what you shouldMac V.i.44
not.not.Mac V.i.45
What a sigh is there? The hart is sorely charg'd.What a sigh is there! The heart is sorely charged.Mac V.i.50
Well, well, well.Well, well, well.Mac V.i.53
This disease is beyond my practise: yet I haueThis disease is beyond my practice; yet I haveMac V.i.55
knowne those which haue walkt in their sleep, who haueknown those which have walked in their sleep who haveMac V.i.56
dyed holily in their beds.died holily in their beds.Mac V.i.57
Euen so?Even so?Mac V.i.61
Will she go now to bed?Will she go now to bed?Mac V.i.65
Foule whisp'rings are abroad: vnnaturall deedsFoul whisperings are abroad; unnatural deedsMac V.i.67
Do breed vnnaturall troubles: infected mindesDo breed unnatural troubles; infected mindsMac V.i.68
To their deafe pillowes will discharge their Secrets:To their deaf pillows will discharge their secrets.Mac V.i.69
More needs she the Diuine, then the Physitian:More needs she the divine than the physician.Mac V.i.70
God, God forgiue vs all. Looke after her,God, God forgive us all! Look after her,Mac V.i.71
Remoue from her the meanes of all annoyance,Remove from her the means of all annoyanceMac V.i.72
And still keepe eyes vpon her: So goodnight,And still keep eyes upon her. So, good night.Mac V.i.73
My minde she ha's mated, and amaz'd my sight.My mind she has mated, and amazed my sight.Mac V.i.74
I thinke, but dare not speake.I think, but dare not speak.Mac V.i.75.1
Not so sicke my Lord, Not so sick, my lord,Mac V.iii.37.2
As she is troubled with thicke-comming Fancies As she is troubled with thick-coming fanciesMac V.iii.38
That keepe her from her rest. That keep her from her rest.Mac V.iii.39.1
Therein the Patient Therein the patientMac V.iii.45.2
Must minister to himselfe. Must minister to himself.Mac V.iii.46
I my good Lord: your Royall Preparation Ay, my good lord; your royal preparationMac V.iii.57
Makes vs heare something. Makes us hear something.Mac V.iii.58.1
Were I from Dunsinane away, and cleere, Were I from Dunsinane away and clear,Mac V.iii.61
Profit againe should hardly draw me heere. Profit again should hardly draw me here.Mac V.iii.62