Original textModern textKey line
Thankes to your Maiesty.Thanks to your majesty.Mac III.iv.2.2
What, my good Lord?What, my good lord?Mac III.iv.48.2
Our duties, and the pledge.Our duties and the pledge!Mac III.iv.91.2
The Sonnes of DuncaneThe son of Duncan,Mac III.vi.24.2
(From whom this Tyrant holds the due of Birth)From whom this tyrant holds the due of birth,Mac III.vi.25
Liues in the English Court, and is receyu'dLives in the English court, and is receivedMac III.vi.26
Of the most Pious Edward, with such grace,Of the most pious Edward with such graceMac III.vi.27
That the maleuolence of Fortune, nothingThat the malevolence of fortune nothingMac III.vi.28
Takes from his high respect. Thither MacduffeTakes from his high respect. Thither MacduffMac III.vi.29
Is gone, to pray the Holy King, vpon his aydIs gone to pray the holy king, upon his aid,Mac III.vi.30
To wake Northumberland, and warlike Seyward,To wake Northumberland and warlike Seyward,Mac III.vi.31
That by the helpe of these (with him aboue)That by the help of these – with Him aboveMac III.vi.32
To ratifie the Worke) we may againeTo ratify the work – we may againMac III.vi.33
Giue to our Tables meate, sleepe to our Nights:Give to our tables meat, sleep to our nights,Mac III.vi.34
Free from our Feasts, and Banquets bloody kniues;Free from our feasts and banquets bloody knives,Mac III.vi.35
Do faithfull Homage, and receiue free Honors,Do faithful homage and receive free honours –Mac III.vi.36
All which we pine for now. And this reportAll which we pine for now. And this reportMac III.vi.37
Hath so exasperate their King, that heeHath so exasperate the King that heMac III.vi.38
Prepares for some attempt of Warre.Prepares for some attempt of war.Mac III.vi.39.1
He did: and with an absolute Sir, not IHe did. And with an absolute ‘ Sir, not I!’Mac III.vi.40
The clowdy Messenger turnes me his backe,The cloudy messenger turns me his backMac III.vi.41
And hums; as who should say, you'l rue the timeAnd hums, as who should say ‘ You'll rue the timeMac III.vi.42
That clogges me with this Answer.That clogs me with this answer.’Mac III.vi.43.1
Ile send my Prayers with him.I'll send my prayers with him.Mac III.vi.49.2