Original textModern textKey line
The King comes here to Night.The King comes here tonight.Mac I.v.29.1
So please you, it is true: our Thane is comming:So please you, it is true. Our Thane is coming;Mac I.v.32
One of my fellowes had the speed of him;One of my fellows had the speed of him,Mac I.v.33
Who almost dead for breath, had scarcely moreWho, almost dead for breath, had scarcely moreMac I.v.34
Then would make vp his Message.Than would make up his message.Mac I.v.35.1
Gracious my Lord,Gracious my lord,Mac V.v.30
I should report that which I say I saw,I should report that which I say I saw,Mac V.v.31
But know not how to doo't.But know not how to do't.Mac V.v.32.1
As I did stand my watch vpon the HillAs I did stand my watch upon the hillMac V.v.33
I look'd toward Byrnane, and anon me thoughtI look'd toward Birnan and anon methoughtMac V.v.34
The Wood began to moue.The wood began to move.Mac V.v.35.1
Let me endure your wrath, if't be not so:Let me endure your wrath if't be not so.Mac V.v.36
Within this three Mile may you see it comming.Within this three mile may you see it coming.Mac V.v.37
I say, a mouing Groue.I say, a moving grove.Mac V.v.38.1