Original textModern textKey line
What wood is this before vs?What wood is this before us?Mac V.iv.3.1
We learne no other, but the confident TyrantWe learn no other but the confident tyrantMac V.iv.8
Keepes still in Dunsinane, and will indureKeeps still in Dunsinane and will endureMac V.iv.9
Our setting downe befor't.Our setting down before't.Mac V.iv.10.1
The time approaches,The time approachesMac V.iv.16.2
That will with due decision make vs knowThat will with due decision make us knowMac V.iv.17
What we shall say we haue, and what we owe:What we shall say we have, and what we owe.Mac V.iv.18
Thoughts speculatiue, their vnsure hopes relate,Thoughts speculative their unsure hopes relate,Mac V.iv.19
But certaine issue, stroakes must arbitrate,But certain issue strokes must arbitrate;Mac V.iv.20
Towards which, aduance the warre.Towards which, advance the war.Mac V.iv.21
Fare you well:Fare you well.Mac
Do we but finde the Tyrants power to night,Do we but find the tyrant's power tonight,Mac
Let vs be beaten, if we cannot fight.Let us be beaten if we cannot fight.Mac
This way my Lord, the Castles gently rendred:This way, my lord. The castle's gently rendered.Mac
The Tyrants people, on both sides do fight,The tyrant's people on both sides do fight;Mac
The Noble Thanes do brauely in the Warre,The noble thanes do bravely in the war;Mac
The day almost it selfe professes yours,The day almost itself professes yours,Mac
And little is to do.And little is to do.Mac
Enter Sir, the Castle.Enter, sir, the castle.Mac
Some must go off: and yet by these I see,Some must go off; and yet, by these I seeMac
So great a day as this is cheapely bought.So great a day as this is cheaply bought.Mac
Then he is dead?Then he is dead?Mac
Had he his hurts before?Had he his hurts before?Mac
Why then, Gods Soldier be he:Why then, God's soldier be he.Mac
Had I as many Sonnes, as I haue haires,Had I as many sons as I have hairsMac
I would not wish them to a fairer death:I would not wish them to a fairer death.Mac
And so his Knell is knoll'd.And so, his knell is knolled.Mac
He's worth no more,He's worth no more:Mac
They say he parted well, and paid his score,They say he parted well, and paid his score.Mac
And so God be with him. Here comes newer comfort.And so, God be with him. – Here comes newer comfort.Mac
Haile King of Scotland.Hail, King of Scotland!Mac