Original textModern textKey line
Three sonnes of his, which all successefully,Three sons of his, which all successivelyE3 I.i.7
Did sit vpon theirfathers regall Throne:Did sit upon their father's regal throne,E3 I.i.8
Yet dyed and left no issue of their loynes:Yet died and left no issue of their loins.E3 I.i.9
Shee was my Lord, and onely Issabel,She was, my lord, and only IsabelE3 I.i.11
Was all the daughters that this Phillip had,Was all the daughters that this Phillip had,E3 I.i.12
Whome afterward your father tooke to wife:Whom afterward your father took to wife;E3 I.i.13
And from the fragrant garden of her wombe,And from the fragrant garden of her wombE3 I.i.14
Your gratious selfe the flower of Europes hope:Your gracious self, the flower of Europe's hope,E3 I.i.15
Deriued is inheritor to Fraunce.Derived is inheritor to France.E3 I.i.16
But not the rancor of rebellious mindes:But note the rancour of rebellious minds:E3 I.i.17
When thus the lynage of Bew was out;When thus the lineage of le Beau was out,E3 I.i.18
The French obscurd your mothers Priuiledge,The French obscured your mother's privilege,E3 I.i.19
And though she were the next of blood, proclaymedAnd, though she were the next of blood, proclaimedE3 I.i.20
Iohn of the house of Valoys now their king:John of the house of Valois now their king.E3 I.i.21
The reason was, they say the Realme of Fraunce,The reason was, they say, the realm of France,E3 I.i.22
Repleat with Princes of great parentage,Replete with princes of great parentage,E3 I.i.23
Ought not admit a gouernor to rule,Ought not admit a governor to ruleE3 I.i.24
Except he be discended ofthe male,Except he be descended of the male;E3 I.i.25
And thats the speciall ground of their contempt:And that's the special ground of their contemptE3 I.i.26
Wherewith they study to exclude your grace:Wherewith they study to exclude your grace.E3 I.i.27
Perhaps it will be thought a heynous thing,Perhaps it will be thought a heinous thingE3 I.i.30
That I a French man should discouer this,That I, a Frenchman, should discover this;E3 I.i.31
But heauen I call to recorde of my vowes,But heaven I call to record of my vows:E3 I.i.32
It is not hate nor any priuat wronge,It is not hate nor any private wrong,E3 I.i.33
But loue vnto my country and the right,But love unto my country and the rightE3 I.i.34
Prouokes my tongue thus lauish in report.Provokes my tongue, thus lavish in report.E3 I.i.35
You are the lyneal watch men of our peace,You are the lineal watchman of our peace,E3 I.i.36
And Iohn of Valoys, in directly climbes,And John of Valois indirectly climbs.E3 I.i.37
What then should subiects but imbrace their King,What then should subjects but embrace their king?E3 I.i.38
Ah where in may our duety more be seene,Ah, wherein may our duty more be seenE3 I.i.39
Then stryuing to rebate a tyrants pride,Than striving to rebate a tyrant's prideE3 I.i.40
And place the true shepheard of our comonwealth,And place the true shepherd of our commonwealth?E3 I.i.41
The soundest counsell I can giue his grace,The soundest counsel I can give his graceE3 I.i.101
Is to surrender ere he be constraynd.Is to surrender ere he be constrained.E3 I.i.102
A voluntarie mischiefe hath lesse scorne,A voluntary mischief hath less scornE3 I.i.103
Then when reproch with violence is borne,Than when reproach with violence is borne.E3 I.i.104
Good newes my Lord the prince is hard at hand,Good news, my lord; the Prince is hard at hand,E3 III.iii.13
And with him comes Lord Awdley and the rest,And with him comes Lord Audley and the rest,E3 III.iii.14
Whome since our landing we could neuer meet.Whom since our landing we could never meet.E3 III.iii.15
Edward Plantagener prince of Wales,Edward Plantagenet, Prince of Wales,E3 III.iii.198
Hold take this target, weare it on thy arme,Hold, take this target, wear it on thy arm,E3 III.iii.199
And may the view there of like Perseus shield,And may the view thereof, like Perseus' shield,E3 III.iii.200
Astonish and transforme thy gazing foesAstonish and transform thy gazing foesE3 III.iii.201
To senselesse images of meger death,To senseless images of meagre death.E3 III.iii.202
Fight and be valiant, couquer where thou comst.Fight and be valiant, conquer where thou com'st!E3 III.iii.203
Rescue king Edward, rescue, for thy sonne,Rescue, King Edward, rescue for thy son!E3 III.iv.23
Neither my Lord, but narrowly beset,Neither, my lord; but narrowly besetE3 III.iv.26
With turning Frenchmen, whom he did persue,With turning Frenchmen, whom he did pursue,E3 III.iv.27
As tis impossible that he should scape.As 'tis impossible that he should scape,E3 III.iv.28
Except your highnes presently descend.Except your highness presently descend.E3 III.iv.29
O would my life might ransome him from death.Oh, would my life might ransom him from death!E3 III.iv.69
How fares your grace, are you not shot my Lord?How fares your grace? Are you not shot, my lord?E3
Breath then, and too it againe, the amazed FrenchBreathe, then, and to it again. The amazed FrenchE3
are quite distract with gazing on the crowes,Are quite distract with gazing on the crows,E3
and were our quiuers full of shafts againe,And, were our quivers full of shafts again,E3
Your grace should see a glorious day of this,Your grace should see a glorious day of this.E3
O for more arrowes Lord, thats our want.O, for more arrows, Lord! That's our want.E3