Original textModern textKey line
Quarter day, I and quartering pay I feare:Quarter day? Ay, and quartering day, I fear.E3 III.ii.5
Haue we not heard the newes that flies abroad?Have ye not heard the news that flies abroad?E3 III.ii.6
What then quoth you? why ist not time to flie,What then, quoth you? Why, is't not time to fly,E3 III.ii.11
When enuie and destruction is so nigh,When envy and destruction is so nigh?E3 III.ii.12
I so the Grashopper doth spend the time,Ay, so the grasshopper doth spend the timeE3 III.ii.16
In mirthfull iollitie till Winter come,In mirthful jollity till winter come,E3 III.ii.17
And then too late he would redeeme his time,And then too late he would redeem his time, E3 III.ii.18
When frozen cold hath nipt his carelesse head:When frozen cold hath nipped his careless head.E3 III.ii.19
He that no sooner will prouide a Cloake,He that no sooner will provide a cloakE3 III.ii.20
Then when he sees it doth begin to raigne,Than when he sees it doth begin to rainE3 III.ii.21
May peraduenture for his negilgence,May, peradventure, for his negligence,E3 III.ii.22
Be throughly washed when he suspects it not,Be throughly washed when he suspects it not.E3 III.ii.23
We that haue charge, and such a trayne as this,We that have charge and such a train as thisE3 III.ii.24
Must looke in time, to looke for them and vs,Must look in time to look for them and us,E3 III.ii.25
Least when we would, we cannot be relieued.Lest, when we would, we cannot be relieved.E3 III.ii.26
Tush they that haue already taken armes,Tush, they that have already taken armsE3 III.ii.32
Are manie fearefull millions in respectAre many fearful millions, in respectE3 III.ii.33
Of that small handfull of our enimies:Of that small handful of our enemies.E3 III.ii.34
But tis a rightfull quarrell must preuaile,But 'tis a rightful quarrel must prevail:E3 III.ii.35
Edward is sonnne vnto our late kings sister,Edward is son unto our late king's sister,E3 III.ii.36
Where Iohn Valoys, is three degrees remoued.Where John Valois is three degrees removed.E3 III.ii.37
Mercy king Edward, mercie gratious Lord.Mercy, King Edward, mercy, gracious lord!E3 V.i.8
long liue your highnes, happy be your reigneLong live your highness! Happy be your reign!E3 V.i.56