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The most renowned prince K. Iohn of France,The most renowned prince, King John of France,E3 I.i.56
Doth greete thee Edward, and by me commandes,Doth greet thee, Edward, and by me commandsE3 I.i.57
That for so mnch as by his liberall gift,That, for so much as by his liberal giftE3 I.i.58
The Guyen Dukedome is entayld to thee,The Guyen dukedom is entailed to thee,E3 I.i.59
Thou do him lowly homage for the same.Thou do him lowly homage for the same.E3 I.i.60
And for that purpose here I somon thee,And for that purpose here I summon theeE3 I.i.61
Repaire to France within these forty daies,Repair to France within these forty days,E3 I.i.62
That there according as the coustome is.That there, according as the custom is,E3 I.i.63
Thou mayst be sworne true liegeman to our King,Thou mayst be sworn true liegeman to our king;E3 I.i.64
Or else thy title in that prouince dyes,Or else thy title in that province dies,E3 I.i.65
And hee him self will repossesse the place.And he himself will repossess the place.E3 I.i.66
Then Edward here in spight of all thy Lords,Then, Edward, here, in spite of all thy lords,E3 I.i.87
I doe pronounce defyaunce to thy face.I do pronounce defiance to thy face.E3 I.i.88
Regenerate Traytor, viper to the place,Regenerate traitor, viper to the placeE3 I.i.105
Where thou was fostred in thine infancy:Where thou wast fostered in thine infancy!E3 I.i.106
Bearest thou a part in this conspiracy?Bear'st thou a part in this conspiracy?E3 I.i.107
It is not that nor any English braue,It is not that, nor any English brave,E3 I.i.115
Afflicts me so, as doth his poysoned view,Afflicts me so, as doth his poisoned view.E3 I.i.116
That is most false, should most of all be true.That is most false, should most of all be true.E3 I.i.117
take my leaue and fayrely will returneI take my leave, and fairly will returnE3 I.ii.38
Your acceptable greeting to my king.Your acceptable greeting to my king.E3 I.ii.39
To lay aside vnnecessary soothing,To lay aside unnecessary soothing,E3 III.i.7
And not to spend the time in circumstaunce,And not to spend the time in circumstance,E3 III.i.8
Tis bruted for a certenty my Lord,'Tis bruited for a certainty, my lord,E3 III.i.9
That hees exceeding strongly fortified,That he's exceeding strongly fortified;E3 III.i.10
His subiects flocke as willingly to warre,His subjects flock as willingly to warE3 III.i.11
As if vnto a tryumph they were led.As if unto a triumph they were led.E3 III.i.12
All but the Scot, who sollemnly protests,All but the Scot, who solemnly protests,E3 III.i.19
As heeretofore I haue enformd his grace,As heretofore I have informed his grace,E3 III.i.20
Neuer to sheath his Sword, or take a truce.Never to sheathe his sword or take a truce.E3 III.i.21
Viue le Roy, God saue King Iohn of France.Vive le roi! God save King John of France!E3 III.iii.165
The garrison of Genoaes my Lorde,The garrison of Genoese, my lord,E3 III.iv.3
That cam from Paris weary with their march,That came from Paris, weary of their march,E3 III.iv.4
Grudging to be soddenly imployd,Grudging to be suddenly employed,E3 III.iv.5
No sooner in the forefront tooke their place.No sooner in the forefront took their placeE3 III.iv.6
But straite retyring so dismaide the rest,But, straight retiring, so dismayed the restE3 III.iv.7
As likewise they betook themselues to flightAs likewise they betook themselves to flight,E3 III.iv.8
In which for hast to make a safe escape,In which, for haste to make a safe escape,E3 III.iv.9
More in the clustering throng are prest to death,More in the clustering throng are pressed to deathE3 III.iv.10
Then by the ennimie a thousand fold.Than by the enemy a thousandfold.E3 III.iv.11