Original textModern textKey line
From France to England, neuer such a powreFrom France to England; never such a powerKJ IV.ii.110
For any forraigne preparation,For any foreign preparationKJ IV.ii.111
Was leuied in the body of a land.Was levied in the body of a land.KJ IV.ii.112
The Copie of your speede is learn'd by them:The copy of your speed is learned by them;KJ IV.ii.113
For when you should be told they do prepare,For when you should be told they do prepare,KJ IV.ii.114
The tydings comes, that they are all arriu'd.The tidings comes that they are all arrived.KJ IV.ii.115
My Liege, her eareMy liege, her earKJ IV.ii.119.2
Is stopt with dust: the first of Aprill di'deIs stopped with dust. The first of April diedKJ IV.ii.120
Your noble mother; and as I heare, my Lord,Your noble mother; and, as I hear, my lord,KJ IV.ii.121
The Lady Constance in a frenzie di'deThe Lady Constance in a frenzy diedKJ IV.ii.122
Three dayes before: but this from Rumors tongueThree days before. But this from rumour's tongueKJ IV.ii.123
I idely heard: if true, or false I know not.I idly heard; if true or false I know not.KJ IV.ii.124
Vnder the Dolphin.Under the Dauphin.KJ IV.ii.131.1
With all my heart, my Liege.With all my heart, my liege.KJ IV.ii.180.2
My Lord: your valiant kinsman Falconbridge,My lord, your valiant kinsman, Faulconbridge,KJ V.iii.5
Desires your Maiestie to leaue the field,Desires your majesty to leave the fieldKJ V.iii.6
And send him word by me, which way you go.And send him word by me which way you go.KJ V.iii.7
Be of good comfort: for the great supplyBe of good comfort; for the great supplyKJ V.iii.9
That was expected by the Dolphin heere,That was expected by the Dauphin hereKJ V.iii.10
Are wrack'd three nights ago on Goodwin sands.Are wracked three nights ago on Goodwin Sands.KJ V.iii.11
This newes was brought to Richard but euen now,This news was brought to Richard but even now.KJ V.iii.12
The French fight coldly, and retyre themselues.The French fight coldly, and retire themselves.KJ V.iii.13