Original textModern textKey line
The son and heire to that same Faulconbridge.The son and heir to that same Faulconbridge.KJ I.i.56
My gracious Liege, when that my father liu'd,My gracious liege, when that my father lived,KJ I.i.95
Your brother did imploy my father much.Your brother did employ my father much – KJ I.i.96
And once dispatch'd him in an Embassie – And once dispatched him in an embassyKJ I.i.99
To Germany, there with the EmperorTo Germany, there with the EmperorKJ I.i.100
To treat of high affaires touching that time:To treat of high affairs touching that time.KJ I.i.101
Th' aduantage of his absence tooke the King,Th' advantage of his absence took the KingKJ I.i.102
And in the meane time soiourn'd at my fathers;And in the meantime sojourned at my father's,KJ I.i.103
Where how he did preuaile, I shame to speake:Where how he did prevail I shame to speak – KJ I.i.104
But truth is truth, large lengths of seas and shoresBut truth is truth. Large lengths of seas and shoresKJ I.i.105
Betweene my father, and my mother lay,Between my father and my mother lay,KJ I.i.106
As I haue heard my father speake himselfeAs I have heard my father speak himself,KJ I.i.107
When this same lusty gentleman was got:When this same lusty gentleman was got.KJ I.i.108
Vpon his death-bed he by will bequeath'dUpon his deathbed he by will bequeathedKJ I.i.109
His lands to me, and tooke it on his deathHis lands to me, and took it on his deathKJ I.i.110
That this my mothers sonne was none of his;That this, my mother's son, was none of his;KJ I.i.111
And if he were, he came into the worldAnd if he were, he came into the worldKJ I.i.112
Full fourteene weekes before the course of time:Full fourteen weeks before the course of time.KJ I.i.113
Then good my Liedge let me haue what is mine,Then, good my liege, let me have what is mine,KJ I.i.114
My fathers land, as was my fathers will.My father's land, as was my father's will.KJ I.i.115
Shal then my fathers Will be of no force,Shall then my father's will be of no forceKJ I.i.130
To dispossesse that childe which is not his.To dispossess that child which is not his?KJ I.i.131