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How now, how a douzen of virginities?How now, how a dozen of virginities?Per
You may , so t'is the better for you thatYou may so; 'tis the better for you thatPer
your resorters stand vpon sound legges, how now? wholsomeyour resorters stand upon sound legs. How now, wholesomePer
iniquitie haue you, that a man may deale withall, andiniquity have you, that a man may deal withal andPer
defie the Surgion?defy the surgeon?Per
If shee'd doe the deedes of darknes thouIf she'd do the deeds of darkness, thouPer
wouldst say.wouldst say.Per
Well, call forth, call forth.Well, call forth, call forth.Per
What prithi?What, prithee?Per
That dignities the renowne of a Bawde, noThat dignifies the renown of a bawd noPer
lesse then it giues a good report to a number to be chaste.less than it gives a good report to a number to be chaste.Per
Faith shee would serue after a long voyageFaith she would serve after a long voyagePer
at Sea, Well theres for you,at sea. Well, there's for you.Per
leaue vs.Leave us.Per
I beseech you doe.I beseech you, do.Per
Ha you done?Ha' you done?Per
Now prittie one, how long haue you beeneNow, pretty one, how long have you beenPer
at this trade?at this trade?Per
Why, I cannot name but I shall offend.Why, I cannot name it but I shall offend.Per
How long haue you bene of this profession?How long have you been of this profession?Per
Did you goe too't so young, were you aDid you go to't so young? Were you aPer
gamester at fiue, or at seuen?gamester at five, or at seven?Per
Why? the house you dwell in proclaimes youWhy, the house you dwell in proclaims youPer
to be a Creature of be a creature of sale.Per
Why, hath your principall made knowneWhy, hath your principal made knownPer
vnto you who I am?unto you who I am?Per
Why, your hearbe-woman, she that setsWhy, your herb-woman; she that setsPer
seeds and rootes of shame and iniquitie. O you haueseeds and roots of shame and iniquity. O, you havePer
heard something of my power, and so stand aloft forheard something of my power, and so stand aloof forPer
more serious wooing, but I protest to thee prettie one,more serious wooing. But I protest to thee, pretty one,Per
my authoritie shall not see thee, or else looke friendlymy authority shall not see thee, or else look friendlyPer
vpon thee, come bring me to some priuate place:upon thee. Come, bring me to some private place.Per
Come, come.Come, come.Per
How's this? how's this? some more, be sage.How's this? How's this? Some more. Be sage.Per
I did not thinke thou couldst haue spoke so well,I did not think thou couldst have spoke so well,Per
nere dremp't thou could'st,Ne'er dreamt thou couldst.Per
had I brought hither a corrupted minde,Had I brought hither a corrupted mind,Per
thy speeche had altered it, holde, heeres golde for thee,Thy speech had altered it. Hold, here's gold for thee.Per
perseuer in that cleare way thou goestPersever in that clear way thou goest,Per
and the gods strengthen thee.And the gods strengthen thee.Per
For me be you thoughten,For me, be you thoughtenPer
that I came with no ill intent, for to meThat I came with no ill intent; for to mePer
the very dores and windows sauor vilely,The very doors and windows savour vilely.Per
fare thee well, thou art a peece of vertue, &Fare thee well. Thou art a piece of virtue, andPer
I doubt not but thy training hath bene noble,I doubt not but thy training hath been noble.Per
hold, heeres more golde for thee,Hold, here's more gold for thee.Per
a curse vpon him, die he like a theefeA curse upon him, die he like a thief,Per
that robs thee of thy goodnes, if thou doestThat robs thee of thy goodness! If thou dostPer
heare from me it shalbe for thy good.Hear from me, it shall be for thy good.Per
Auaunt thou damned dore-keeper,Avaunt, thou damned door-keeper!Per
your house but for this virgin that doeth prop it,Your house, but for this virgin that doth prop it,Per
would sincke and ouerwhelme you. Away.Would sink and overwhelm you. Away!Per
Hayle reuerent Syr, the Gods preserue you.Hail, reverend sir! The gods preserve you!Per V.i.13.2
You wish mee well,You wish me well.Per V.i.15.2
beeing on shore, honoring of Neptunes triumphs,Being on shore, honouring of Neptune's triumphs,Per V.i.16
seeing this goodly vessell ride before vs,Seeing this goodly vessel ride before us,Per V.i.17
I made to it, to knowe of whence you are.I made to it to know of whence you are.Per V.i.18
I am the GouernourI am the governorPer V.i.19.2
of this place you lie before.Of this place you lie before.Per V.i.20.1
Vpon what ground is his distemperature?Upon what ground is his distemperature?Per V.i.25
May wee not see him?May we not see him?Per V.i.29.1
yet let me obtaine my wish.Yet let me obtain my wish.Per V.i.32
Sir King all haile, the Gods preserue you,Sir King, all hail! The gods preserve you!Per V.i.36
haile royall sir.Hail, royal sir!Per V.i.37
Tis well bethought,'Tis well bethought.Per V.i.41.2
she questionlesse with her sweet harmonie,She questionless, with her sweet harmonyPer V.i.42
and other chosen attractions, would allureAnd other chosen attractions, would allure,Per V.i.43
and make a battrie through his defend parts,And make a battery through his deafened ports,Per V.i.44
which now are midway stopt,Which now are midway stopped.Per V.i.45
shee is all happie as the fairest of all,She is all happy as the fairest of all,Per V.i.46
and her fellow maides, now vponAnd, with her fellow maids is now uponPer V.i.47
the leauie shelter that abutts againstThe leafy shelter that abuts againstPer V.i.48
the Islands side.The island's side.Per V.i.49
O sir, a curtesie,O, sir, a courtesyPer V.i.55.2
which if we should denie, the most iust GodWhich if we should deny, the most just GodPer V.i.56
for euery graffe would send a Caterpillar,For every graff would send a caterpillar,Per V.i.57
and so inflict our Prouince: yet once moreAnd so inflict our province. Yet once morePer V.i.58
let mee intreate to knowe at large the causeLet me entreat to know at large the causePer V.i.59
of your kings sorrow.Of your king's sorrow.Per V.i.60
O hee'rs the Ladie that I sent for,O, here's the lady that I sent for.Per V.i.63
Welcome faire one, ist not a goodly present?Welcome, fair one! Is't not a goodly presence?Per V.i.64
Shee's such a one, that were I well assurdeShe's such a one that, were I well assuredPer V.i.66
Came of a gentle kinde, and noble stocke,Came of a gentle kind and noble stock,Per V.i.67
I do wish / No better choise, and thinke me rarely to wed,I'd wish no better choice, and think me rarely wed.Per V.i.68
Faire on all goodnesse that consists in beautie,Fair one, all goodness that consists in beauty,Per V.i.69
Expect euen here, where is a kingly patient,Expect even here, where is a kingly patient,Per V.i.70
If that thy prosperous and artificiall fate,If that thy prosperous and artificial featPer V.i.71
Can draw him but to answere thee in ought,Can draw him but to answer thee in aught,Per V.i.72
Thy sacred Physicke shall receiue such pay,Thy sacred physic shall receive such payPer V.i.73
As thy desires can wish.As thy desires can wish.Per V.i.74.1
Come, let vs leaue her,Come, let us leave her,Per V.i.77.2
and the Gods make her prosperous.And the gods make her prosperous.Per V.i.78
Marke he your Musicke?Marked he your music?Per V.i.79.1
See she will speake to him.See, she will speak to him.Per V.i.80
She neuer would tellShe never would tellPer V.i.188.2
her parentage, / Being demaunded, thatHer parentage. Being demanded that,Per V.i.189
she would sit still and weepe.She would sit still and weep.Per V.i.190
It is not good to crosse him, giue him way.It is not good to cross him; give him way.Per V.i.230
Musicke my Lord?Music, my lord?.Per V.i.231.2
A Pillow for his head, so leaue him all.A pillow for his head. So, leave him all.Per V.i.235
Well my companion friends,Well, my companion friends,Per V.i.236
if this but answere to my iust beliefe,If this but answer to my just belief,Per V.i.237
Ile well remember you.I'll well remember you.Per V.i.238
Sir,Sir,Per V.i.257.2
with all my heart, and when you come a shore,With all my heart; and when you come ashore,Per V.i.258
I haue another sleight.I have another suit.Per V.i.259.1
Sir, lend me your arme.Sir, lend me your arm.Per V.i.262.1