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My Lord, you haue my voyce, too't, / The faults Bloody:My lord, you have my voice to't; the fault's bloody.Tim III.v.1
'Tis necessary he should dye:'Tis necessary he should die;Tim III.v.2
Nothing imboldens sinne so much, as Mercy.Nothing emboldens sin so much as mercy.Tim III.v.3
Now Captaine.Now, captain?Tim III.v.6
You vndergo too strict a Paradox,You undergo too strict a paradox,Tim III.v.24
Striuing to make an vgly deed looke faire:Striving to make an ugly deed look fair.Tim III.v.25
Your words haue tooke such paines, as if they labour'dYour words have took such pains as if they labouredTim III.v.26
To bring Man-slaughter into forme, and set QuarrellingTo bring manslaughter into form, and set quarrellingTim III.v.27
Vpon the head of Valour; which indeedeUpon the head of valour; which indeedTim III.v.28
Is Valour mis-begot, and came into the world,Is valour misbegot, and came into the worldTim III.v.29
When Sects, and Factions were newly borne.When sects and factions were newly born.Tim III.v.30
Hee's truly Valiant, that can wisely sufferHe's truly valiant that can wisely sufferTim III.v.31
The worst that man can breath,The worst that man can breathe,Tim III.v.32
And make his Wrongs, his Out-sides,And make his wrongs his outsides,Tim III.v.33
To weare them like his Rayment, carelessely,To wear them, like his raiment, carelessly,Tim III.v.34
And ne're preferre his iniuries to his heart,And ne'er prefer his injuries to his heart,Tim III.v.35
To bring it into danger.To bring it into danger.Tim III.v.36
If Wrongs be euilles, and inforce vs kill,If wrongs be evils and enforce us kill,Tim III.v.37
What Folly 'tis, to hazard life for Ill.What folly 'tis to hazard life for ill!Tim III.v.38
You cannot make grosse sinnes looke cleare,You cannot make gross sins look clear:Tim III.v.39.2
To reuenge is no Valour, but to beare.To revenge is no valour, but to bear.Tim III.v.40
What's that?What's that?Tim III.v.63
He dyes.He dies.Tim III.v.76.1
We are for Law, he dyes, vrge it no moreWe are for law. He dies. Urge it no moreTim III.v.87
On height of our displeasure: Friend, or Brother,On height of our displeasure. Friend or brother,Tim III.v.88
He forfeits his owne blood, that spilles another.He forfeits his own blood that spills another.Tim III.v.89
Do you dare our anger?Do you dare our anger?Tim III.v.96.2
'Tis in few words, but spacious in effect:'Tis in few words, but spacious in effect.Tim III.v.97
We banish thee for euer.We banish thee for ever.Tim III.v.98.1
If after two dayes shine, Athens containe thee,If after two days' shine Athens contain thee,Tim III.v.101
Attend our waightier Iudgement.Attend our weightier judgement.Tim III.v.102
And not to swell our Spirit,And, not to swell our spirit,Tim III.v.103
He shall be executed presently. Exeunt.He shall be executed presently.Tim III.v.104
Bring vs to his Caue.Bring us to his cave.Tim V.i.117.2
It is our part and promise to th'AtheniansIt is our part and promise to th' AtheniansTim V.i.118
To speake with Timon.To speak with Timon.Tim V.i.119.1
Worthy Timon.Worthy Timon – Tim V.i.132.2
The Senators of Athens, greet thee Timon.The senators of Athens greet thee, Timon.Tim V.i.134
O forgetO, forgetTim V.i.136.2
What we are sorry for our selues in thee:What we are sorry for ourselves in thee.Tim V.i.137
The Senators, with one consent of loue,The senators with one consent of loveTim V.i.138
Intreate thee backe to Athens, who haue thoughtEntreat thee back to Athens, who have thoughtTim V.i.139
On speciall Dignities, which vacant lyeOn special dignities, which vacant lieTim V.i.140
For thy best vse and wearing.For thy best use and wearing.Tim V.i.141.1
Therefore so please thee to returne with vs,Therefore so please thee to return with us,Tim V.i.157
And of our Athens, thine and ours to takeAnd of our Athens, thine and ours, to takeTim V.i.158
The Captainship, thou shalt be met with thankes,The captainship, thou shalt be met with thanks,Tim V.i.159
Allowed with absolute power, and thy good nameAllowed with absolute power, and thy good nameTim V.i.160
Liue with Authoritie: so soone we shall driue backeLive with authority. So soon we shall drive backTim V.i.161
Of Alcibiades th'approaches wild,Of Alcibiades th' approaches wild,Tim V.i.162
Who like a Bore too sauage, doth root vpWho like a boar too savage doth root upTim V.i.163
His Countries peace.His country's peace.Tim V.i.164.1
Therefore Timon.Therefore, Timon – Tim V.i.165.2
We speake in vaine.We speak in vain.Tim V.i.188.2
That's well spoke.That's well spoke.Tim V.i.191.2
These words become your lippes as they passe thorow them.These words become your lips as they pass through them.Tim V.i.193
I like this well, he will returne againe.I like this well. He will return again.Tim V.i.202
His discontents are vnremoueablyHis discontents are unremovablyTim V.i.222
coupled to Nature.Coupled to nature.Tim V.i.223
It requires swift foot. It requires swift foot.Tim V.i.226.2
No talke of Timon, nothing of him expect,No talk of Timon, nothing of him expect.Tim V.ii.14
The Enemies Drumme is heard, and fearefull scouringThe enemy's drum is heard, and fearful scouringTim V.ii.15
Doth choake the ayre with dust: In, and prepare,Doth choke the air with dust. In, and prepare.Tim V.ii.16
Ours is the fall I feare, our Foes the Snare. Ours is the fall, I fear; our foe's the snare.Tim V.ii.17
Noble, and young;Noble and young,Tim V.iv.13.2
When thy first greefes were but a meere conceit,When thy first griefs were but a mere conceit,Tim V.iv.14
Ere thou had'st power, or we had cause of feare,Ere thou hadst power or we had cause of fear,Tim V.iv.15
We sent to thee, to giue thy rages Balme,We sent to thee, to give thy rages balm,Tim V.iv.16
To wipe out our Ingratitude, with LouesTo wipe out our ingratitude with lovesTim V.iv.17
Aboue their quantitie.Above their quantity.Tim V.iv.18.1
These walles of ours,These walls of oursTim V.iv.22.2
Were not erected by their hands, from whomWere not erected by their hands from whomTim V.iv.23
You haue receyu'd your greefe: Nor are they such,You have received your grief; nor are they suchTim V.iv.24
That these great Towres, Trophees, & Schools shold fallThat these great towers, trophies, and schools should fallTim V.iv.25
For priuate faults in them.For private faults in them.Tim V.iv.26.1
All haue not offended:All have not offended.Tim V.iv.35.2
For those that were, it is not square to takeFor those that were, it is not square to take,Tim V.iv.36
On those that are, Reuenge: Crimes, like LandsOn those that are, revenges. Crimes like landsTim V.iv.37
Are not inherited, then deere Countryman,Are not inherited. Then, dear countryman,Tim V.iv.38
Bring in thy rankes, but leaue without thy rage,Bring in thy ranks, but leave without thy rage.Tim V.iv.39
Spare thy Athenian Cradle, and those KinSpare thy Athenian cradle and those kinTim V.iv.40
Which in the bluster of thy wrath must fallWhich, in the bluster of thy wrath, must fallTim V.iv.41
With those that haue offended, like a Shepheard,With those that have offended. Like a shepherdTim V.iv.42
Approach the Fold, and cull th'infected forth,Approach the fold and cull th' infected forth,Tim V.iv.43
But kill not altogether.But kill not all together.Tim V.iv.44.1
Set but thy footSet but thy footTim V.iv.46.2
Against our rampyr'd gates, and they shall ope:Against our rampired gates and they shall ope,Tim V.iv.47
So thou wilt send thy gentle heart before,So thou wilt send thy gentle heart before,Tim V.iv.48
To say thou't enter Friendly.To say thou'lt enter friendly.Tim V.iv.49.1
'Tis most Nobly spoken.'Tis most nobly spoken.Tim V.iv.63.2