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My Lord, my Lord.My lord? My lord?Tim II.ii.192
As you haue said, my Lord.As you have said, my lord.Tim II.ii.199
I thanke you Sir.I thank you, sir.Tim III.i.3
His health is well sir.His health is well, sir.Tim III.i.13
Faith, nothing but an empty box Sir, which'Faith, nothing but an empty box, sir, which,Tim III.i.17
in my Lords behalfe, I come to intreat your Honor to in my lord's behalf, I come to entreat your honour toTim III.i.18
supply: who hauing great and instant occasion to vse supply; who, having great and instant occasion to useTim III.i.19
fiftie Talents, hath sent to your Lordship to furnish him:fifty talents, hath sent to your lordship to furnish him,Tim III.i.20
nothing doubting your present assistance therein.nothing doubting your present assistance therein.Tim III.i.21
Your Lordship speakes your pleasure.Your lordship speaks your pleasure.Tim III.i.33
Is't possible the world should so much differ,Is't possible the world should so much differ,Tim III.i.46
And we aliue that liued? Fly damned basenesse And we alive that lived? Fly, damned baseness,Tim III.i.47
To him that worships thee.To him that worships thee!Tim III.i.48
May these adde to the number yt may scald thee:May these add to the number that may scald thee!Tim III.i.51
Let moulten Coine be thy damnation,Let molten coin be thy damnation,Tim III.i.52
Thou disease of a friend, and not himselfe:Thou disease of a friend and not himself!Tim III.i.53
Has friendship such a faint and milkie heart,Has friendship such a faint and milky heartTim III.i.54
It turnes in lesse then two nights? O you Gods!It turns in less than two nights? O you gods!Tim III.i.55
I feele my Masters passion. This SlaueI feel my master's passion. This slave,Tim III.i.56
vnto his Honor, / Has my Lords meate in him:Unto his honour, has my lord's meat in him.Tim III.i.57
Why should it thriue, and turne to Nutriment,Why should it thrive and turn to nutrimentTim III.i.58
When he is turn'd to poyson?When he is turned to poison?Tim III.i.59
O may Diseases onely worke vpon't:O, may diseases only work upon't!Tim III.i.60
And when he's sicke to death, let not that part of NatureAnd when he's sick to death, let not that part of natureTim III.i.61
Which my Lord payd for, be of any powerWhich my lord paid for be of any powerTim III.i.62
To expell sicknesse, but prolong his hower. To expel sickness, but prolong his hour!Tim III.i.63
No, indeed he is not.No, indeed, he is not.Tim III.iv.38
I need not tell him that, he knowes you areI need not tell him that; he knows. You areTim III.iv.40
too diligent.too diligent.Tim III.iv.41
Seruilius helpe, my Lord, my Lord.Servilius, help! My lord, my lord!Tim III.iv.79