Original textModern textKey line
How do you Gentlemen?How do you, gentlemen?Tim II.ii.70
She's e'ne setting on water to scal'd such Chickens asShe's e'en setting on water to scald such chickens asTim II.ii.73
you are. Would we could see you at are. Would we could see you at Corinth!Tim II.ii.74
Looke you, heere comes my Masters Page.Look you, here comes my mistress' page.Tim II.ii.76
Will you leaue me there?Will you leave me there?Tim II.ii.93
Are you three Vsurers men?Are you three usurers' men?Tim II.ii.99
I thinke no Vsurer, but ha's a Foole to his Seruant. MyI think no usurer but has a fool to his servant. MyTim II.ii.101
Mistris is one, and I am her Foole: when men come tomistress is one, and I am her fool. When men come toTim II.ii.102
borrow of your Masters, they approach sadly, and goborrow of your masters, they approach sadly and goTim II.ii.103
away merry: but they enter my Masters house merrily,away merry. But they enter my mistress' house merrilyTim II.ii.104
and go away sadly. The reason of this?and go away sadly. The reason of this?Tim II.ii.105
A Foole in good cloathes, and something like thee.A fool in good clothes, and something like thee.Tim II.ii.111
'Tis a spirit, sometime t'appeares like a Lord, somtime'Tis a spirit. Sometime 't appears like a lord, sometimeTim II.ii.112
like a Lawyer, sometime like a Philosopher, with two like a lawyer, sometime like a philosopher, with twoTim II.ii.113
stones moe then's artificiall one. Hee is verie often like astones more than's artificial one. He is very often like aTim II.ii.114
Knight; and generally, in all shapes that man goes vpknight. And, generally, in all shapes that man goes upTim II.ii.115
and downe in, from fourescore to thirteen, this spiritand down in, from four score to thirteen, this spiritTim II.ii.116
walkes in.walks in.Tim II.ii.117
Nor thou altogether a Wise man, / As much foolerieNor thou altogether a wise man. As much fooleryTim II.ii.119
as I haue, so much wit thou lack' I have, so much wit thou lackest.Tim II.ii.120
do not alwayes follow Louer, elder Brother, aadI do not always follow lover, elder brother, andTim II.ii.126
Woman, sometime the Philosopher.woman; sometime the philosopher.Tim II.ii.127