Original textModern textKey line
I, and I think Ay, and I thinkTim III.iv.3.2
one businesse do's command vs all. / For mineOne business does command us all, for mineTim III.iv.4
is money.Is money.Tim III.iv.5.1
And sir Philotus too.And Sir Philotus too!Tim III.iv.6.1
Welcome good Brother. / What do you thinke the houre?Welcome, good brother. What do you think the hour?Tim III.iv.7
So much?So much?Tim III.iv.9.1
Not yet.Not yet.Tim III.iv.9.3
I, but the dayes are waxt shorter with him:Ay, but the days are waxed shorter with him.Tim III.iv.11
You must consider, that a Prodigall courseYou must consider that a prodigal courseTim III.iv.12
Is like the Sunnes, but not like his recouerable,Is like the sun's, but not, like his, recoverable.Tim III.iv.13
I feare:I fearTim III.iv.14
'Tis deepest Winter in Lord Timons purse,'Tis deepest winter in Lord Timon's purse;Tim III.iv.15
that is: One may reach deepe enough, and yet That is, one may reach deep enough and yetTim III.iv.16
finde little.Find little.Tim III.iv.17.1
Marke how strange it showes,Mark how strange it showsTim III.iv.23
Timon in this, should pay more then he owes:Timon in this should pay more than he owes;Tim III.iv.24
And e'ne as if your Lord should weare rich Iewels,And e'en as if your lord should wear rich jewelsTim III.iv.25
And send for money for 'em.And send for money for 'em.Tim III.iv.26
Fiue thousand mine.Five thousand mine.Tim III.iv.31
Flaminius? Sir, a word: Pray is myFlaminius? Sir, a word. Pray, is myTim III.iv.36
Lord readie to come forth?lord ready to come forth?Tim III.iv.37
Ha: is not that his Steward muffled so?Ha! Is not that his steward muffled so?Tim III.iv.42
He goes away in a Clowd: Call him, call him.He goes away in a cloud. Call him, call him.Tim III.iv.43
I, but this answer will not serue.Ay, but this answer will not serve.Tim III.iv.58
Many do keepe their Chambers, are not sicke:Many do keep their chambers are not sick.Tim III.iv.74
And if it be so farre beyond his health,And if it be so far beyond his health,Tim III.iv.75
Me thinkes he should the sooner pay his debts,Methinks he should the sooner pay his debts,Tim III.iv.76
And make a cleere way to the Gods.And make a clear way to the gods.Tim III.iv.77.1
Put in now Titus.Put in now, Titus.Tim III.iv.85
Here's mine.Here's mine.Tim III.iv.87
Alas, my Lord.Alas, my lord – Tim III.iv.92
Fiue thousand Crownes, my Lord.Five thousand crowns, my lord.Tim III.iv.96