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One of Lord Timons men? A Guift IOne of Lord Timon's men? A gift, ITim III.i.5
warrant. Why this hits right: I dreampt of a Siluer Basonwarrant. Why, this hits right: I dreamt of a silver basinTim III.i.6
& Ewre to night. Flaminius, honest and ewer tonight. (To Flaminius) Flaminius, honestTim III.i.7
Flaminius, you are verie respectiuely welcome sir.Flaminius, you are very respectively welcome, sir. (ToTim III.i.8
Fill me some Wine.Servant) Fill me some wine.Tim III.i.9
And how does that Honourable, Compleate, Free-heartedAnd how does that honourable, complete, free-heartedTim III.i.10
Gentleman of Athens, thy very bouutifull good Lord andgentleman of Athens, thy very bountiful good lord andTim III.i.11
Mayster?master?Tim III.i.12
I am right glad that his health is well sir:I am right glad that his health is well, sir.Tim III.i.14
and what hast thou there vnder thy Cloake, pretty And what hast thou there under thy cloak, prettyTim III.i.15
Flaminius?Flaminius?Tim III.i.16
La, la, la, la: Nothing doubting sayes hee?La, la, la, la! ‘ Nothing doubting,’ says he?Tim III.i.22
Alas good Lord, a Noble Gentleman 'tis, if he would notAlas, good lord! A noble gentleman 'tis, if he would notTim III.i.23
keep so good a house. Many a time and often I ha din'dkeep so good a house. Many a time and often I ha' dinedTim III.i.24
with him, and told him on't, and come againe to supper towith him and told him on't, and come again to supper toTim III.i.25
him of purpose, to haue him spend lesse, and yet hehim of purpose to have him spend less. And yet heTim III.i.26
wold embrace no counsell, take no warning by mywould embrace no counsel, take no warning by myTim III.i.27
comming, euery man has his fault, and honesty is his. Icoming. Every man has his fault, and honesty is his. ITim III.i.28
ha told him on't, but I could nere get him from't.ha' told him on't, but I could ne'er get him from't.Tim III.i.29
Flaminius, I haue noted thee alwayes wise.Flaminius, I have noted thee always wise.Tim III.i.31
Heere's to thee.Here's to thee.Tim III.i.32
I haue obserued thee alwayes for a towardlieI have observed thee always for a towardlyTim III.i.34
prompt spirit, giue thee thy due, and one that knowesprompt spirit, give thee thy due, and one that knowsTim III.i.35
what belongs to reason; and canst vse the time wel, ifwhat belongs to reason, and canst use the time well, ifTim III.i.36
the time vse thee well. Good parts in thee;the time use thee well. Good parts in thee. (To Servant)Tim III.i.37
get you gone sirrah.Get you gone, sirrah.Tim III.i.38
Draw neerer honest Flaminius. Thy Lords a bountifullDraw nearer, honest Flaminius. Thy lord's a bountifulTim III.i.39
Gentleman, but thou art wise, and thou know'st wellgentleman; but thou art wise; and thou knowest wellTim III.i.40
enough (although thou com'st to me) that this is noenough, although thou comest to me, that this is noTim III.i.41
time to lend money, especially vpon bare friendshippetime to lend money, especially upon bare friendshipTim III.i.42
without securitie. Here's three Solidares for thee, goodwithout security. Here's three solidares for thee. GoodTim III.i.43
Boy winke at me, and say thou saw'st mee not. Fare theeboy, wink at me, and say thou sawest me not. Fare theeTim III.i.44
well.well.Tim III.i.45
Ha? Now I see thou art a Foole, and fit for thyHa! Now I see thou art a fool, and fit for thyTim III.i.49
Master. master.Tim III.i.50
The good time of day to you, sir.The good time of day to you, sir.Tim
Vpon that were my thoughts tyring when weeUpon that were my thoughts tiring when weTim
encountred. I hope it is not so low with him as he madeencountered. I hope it is not so low with him as he madeTim
it seeme in the triall of his seuerall seem in the trial of his several friends.Tim
I should thinke so. He hath sent mee an earnest I should think so. He hath sent me an earnestTim
inuiting, which many my neere occasions did vrge mee toinviting, which many my near occasions did urge me toTim
put off: but he hath coniur'd mee beyond them, and Iput off. But he hath conjured me beyond them, and ITim
must needs appeare.must needs appear.Tim
I am sicke of that greefe too, as I vnderstandI am sick of that grief too, as I understandTim
how all things all things go.Tim
A thousand Peeces.A thousand pieces.Tim
What of you?What of you?Tim
Euer at the best, hearing well of yourEver at the best, hearing well of yourTim
I hope it remaines not vnkindely with yourI hope it remains not unkindly with yourTim
Lordship, that I return'd you an empty Messenger.lordship that I returned you an empty messenger.Tim
Royall Cheare, I warrant you.Royal cheer, I warrant you.Tim
How do you? What's the newes?How do you? What's the news?Tim
Alcibiades banish'd?Alcibiades banished?Tim
How? How?How? How?Tim
Some speake. SOME
What do's his Lordship meane?What does his lordship mean?Tim
Some other. OTHERS
I know not.I know not.Tim
How now, my Lords?How now, my lords?Tim
He's but a mad Lord, & nought but humors He's but a mad lord, and naught but humoursTim
swaies him. He gaue me a Iewell th'other day, and now heesways him. He gave me a jewel th' other day, and now heTim
has beate it out of my hat. / Did you see my Iewell?has beat it out of my hat. Did you see my jewel?Tim
Let's make no stay.Let's make no stay.Tim