Original textModern textKey line
I my good Lord, fiue Talents is his debt,Ay, my good lord. Five talents is his debt,Tim I.i.99
His meanes most short, his Creditors most straite:His means most short, his creditors most strait.Tim I.i.100
Your Honourable Letter he desiresYour honourable letter he desiresTim I.i.101
To those haue shut him vp, which failing,To those have shut him up, which failingTim I.i.102
Periods his comfort.Periods his comfort.Tim I.i.103.1
Your Lordship euer bindes him.Your lordship ever binds him.Tim I.i.108
All happinesse to your Honor. All happiness to your honour!Tim I.i.113
'Tis Alcibiades, and some twenty Horse'Tis Alcibiades, and some twenty horse,Tim I.i.245
All of Companionship.All of companionship.Tim I.i.246
I haue spoke the least.I have spoke the least.Tim V.ii.2.2
Besides his expedition promisesBesides, his expedition promisesTim V.ii.3
present approach.Present approach.Tim V.ii.4
I met a Currier, one mine ancient Friend,I met a courier, one mine ancient friend,Tim V.ii.6
Whom though in generall part we were oppos'd,Whom, though in general part we were opposed,Tim V.ii.7
Yet our old loue made a particular force,Yet our old love made a particular force,Tim V.ii.8
And made vs speake like Friends. This man was ridingAnd made us speak like friends. This man was ridingTim V.ii.9
From Alcibiades to Timons Caue,From Alcibiades to Timon's caveTim V.ii.10
With Letters of intreaty, which importedWith letters of entreaty, which importedTim V.ii.11
His Fellowship i'th'cause against your City,His fellowship i'th' cause against your city,Tim V.ii.12
In part for his sake mou'd.In part for his sake moved.Tim V.ii.13.1