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Lord Timon, heare me speake.Lord Timon, hear me speak.Tim I.i.114.1
Thou hast a Seruant nam'd Lucilius.Thou hast a servant named Lucilius.Tim I.i.115
Most Noble Timon, call the man before thee.Most noble Timon, call the man before thee.Tim I.i.117
This Fellow heere, L. Timon, this thy Creature,This fellow here, Lord Timon, this thy creature,Tim I.i.120
By night frequents my house. I am a manBy night frequents my house. I am a manTim I.i.121
That from my first haue beene inclin'd to thrift,That from my first have been inclined to thrift,Tim I.i.122
And my estate deserues an Heyre more rais'd,And my estate deserves an heir more raisedTim I.i.123
Then one which holds a Trencher.Than one which holds a trencher.Tim I.i.124.1
One onely Daughter haue I, no Kin else,One only daughter have I, no kin else,Tim I.i.125
On whom I may conferre what I haue got:On whom I may confer what I have got.Tim I.i.126
The Maid is faire, a'th'youngest for a Bride,The maid is fair, o'th' youngest for a bride,Tim I.i.127
And I haue bred her at my deerest costAnd I have bred her at my dearest costTim I.i.128
In Qualities of the best. This man of thineIn qualities of the best. This man of thineTim I.i.129
Attempts her loue: I prythee (Noble Lord)Attempts her love. I prithee, noble lord,Tim I.i.130
Ioyne with me to forbid him her resort,Join with me to forbid him her resort;Tim I.i.131
My selfe haue spoke in vaine.Myself have spoke in vain.Tim I.i.132.1
Therefore he will be Timon,Therefore he will be, Timon.Tim I.i.133
His honesty rewards him in it selfe,His honesty rewards him in itself;Tim I.i.134
It must not beare my Daughter.It must not bear my daughter.Tim I.i.135.1
She is yong and apt:She is young and apt.Tim I.i.136
Our owne precedent passions do instruct vsOur own precedent passions do instruct usTim I.i.137
What leuities in youth.What levity's in youth.Tim I.i.138.1
If in her Marriage my consent be missing,If in her marriage my consent be missing,Tim I.i.140
I call the Gods to witnesse, I will chooseI call the gods to witness, I will chooseTim I.i.141
Mine heyre from forth the Beggers of the world,Mine heir from forth the beggars of the world,Tim I.i.142
And dispossesse her all.And dispossess her all.Tim I.i.143.1
Three Talents on the present; in future, all.Three talents on the present; in future, all.Tim I.i.145
Most Noble Lord,Most noble lord,Tim I.i.150.2
Pawne me to this your Honour, she is his.Pawn me to this your honour, she is his.Tim I.i.151