Original textModern textKey line
Must he needs trouble me in't? Hum. / 'Boue all others?Must he needs trouble me in't? Hum! 'Bove all others?Tim III.iii.1
He might haue tried Lord Lucius, or Lucullus,He might have tried Lord Lucius or Lucullus.Tim III.iii.2
And now Ventidgius is wealthy too,And now Ventidius is wealthy too,Tim III.iii.3
Whom he redeem'd from prison. All theseWhom he redeemed from prison. All theseTim III.iii.4
Owes their estates vnto him.Owe their estates unto him.Tim III.iii.5.1
How? Haue they deny'de him?How? Have they denied him?Tim III.iii.8
Has Ventidgius and Lucullus deny'de him,Has Ventidius and Lucullus denied him?Tim III.iii.9
And does he send to me? Three? Humh?And does he send to me? Three? Hum?Tim III.iii.10
It shewes but little loue, or iudgement in him.It shows but little love or judgement in him.Tim III.iii.11
Must I be his last Refuge? His Friends (like Physitians)Must I be his last refuge? His friends, like physicians,Tim III.iii.12
Thriue, giue him ouer: Must I take th'Cure vpon me?Thrice give him over. Must I take th' cure upon me?Tim III.iii.13
Has much disgrac'd me in't, I'me angry at him,'Has much disgraced me in't. I'm angry at himTim III.iii.14
That might haue knowne my place. I see no sense for't,That might have known my place. I see no sense for'tTim III.iii.15
But his Occasions might haue wooed me first:But his occasions might have wooed me first;Tim III.iii.16
For in my conscience, I was the first manFor, in my conscience, I was the first manTim III.iii.17
That ere receiued guift from him.That e'er received gift from him.Tim III.iii.18
And does he thinke so backwardly of me now,And does he think so backwardly of me nowTim III.iii.19
That Ile requite it last? No:That I'll requite it last? No;Tim III.iii.20
So it may proue an Argument of LaughterSo it may prove an argument of laughterTim III.iii.21
To th'rest, and 'mong'st Lords be thought a Foole:To th' rest, and I 'mongst lords be thought a fool.Tim III.iii.22
I'de rather then the worth of thrice the summe,I'd rather than the worth of thrice the sumTim III.iii.23
Had sent to me first, but for my mindes sake:'Had sent to me first, but for my mind's sake;Tim III.iii.24
I'de such a courage to do him good. But now returne,I'd such a courage to do him good. But now return,Tim III.iii.25
And with their faint reply, this answer ioyne;And with their faint reply this answer join:Tim III.iii.26
Who bates mine Honor, shall not know my Coyne. Who bates mine honour shall not know my coin.Tim III.iii.27
Doubt not that, if money and the seasonDoubt not that, if money and the seasonTim
can yeild itcan yield it.Tim
Alcibiades is banish'd: heare you of it?Alcibiades is banished. Hear you of it?Tim
'Tis so, be sure of it.'Tis so, be sure of it.Tim
Ile tell you more anon. Here's a Noble feast I'll tell you more anon. Here's a noble feastTim
Wilt hold? Wilt hold?Will't hold? Will't hold?Tim
I do conceyue.I do conceive.Tim
Some speake. SOME
What do's his Lordship meane?What does his lordship mean?Tim
Some other. OTHERS
I know not.I know not.Tim
Push, did you see my Cap?Push! Did you see my cap?Tim
Did you see my Cap.Did you see my cap?Tim
I feel't vpon my bones.I feel't upon my bones.Tim